Sam Walton’s Ten Rules for Building a Successful Business

Proven business building secrets from one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs Samuel Moore Walton is the founder of the world’s largest and most successful retail business, Wal-Mart. With $25, 000 (of which $20, 000 was loan), Walton built his retail business that began in 1945 into a global giant with sales running into $256 billion in 1999.… Read More »

Philip Knight: The Creation and Success of Nike

Step-by-step Outline of How Philip Knight Formed and Made Nike Successful Meeting Bill Bowerman When Knight met the famous coach Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon where he went for further studies after completing his high school at Cleveland, he may never have known he was walking right on the track of entrepreneurship, whose success was going… Read More »

How to Successfully Advertise Your Product for Free

Proven Ways to Successfully get Free Advertisement for Your Product Your successfully creating a product or service is a sure problem affecting them; and because it solves their problem, they will be glad to exchange their money for it. With more people using your product or service, and repeatedly too, you will be smiling to the bank, basking… Read More »