How to Grow a Small Scale Business Fast

By | July 11, 18
How to grow a small scale business

By applying certain ideas, you can quickly grow your small business.

How to Grow a Small Scale Business Fast

If you own or run a small scale business and need some ideas to grow it fast, this post will be useful to you.

Small businesses are at the heart of the economy. They drive a huge part of commerce and industry of the entire nation, and also employ more people overall than big corporations put together.

This is why it’s so important for small-scale businesses to grow because it is better for everyone

Types of Small Businesses

Small scale businesses can either be product based on service based. A product based business exchanges physical or tangible goods for revenue and profit. Examples include phones, laptops, clothes, and grocery.

On the other hand, a service-based small business provides intangible and non-physical benefits to customers in exchange for revenue and profit; examples are consulting, teaching, music, banking, legal services, etc.

Whether you run a service or product based business, here is a list of the best ideas that can help you grow and take it across various regions.

Top 8 Ways to Grow your Small Scale Business

1. Develop trust

Business is about relationships, and the best relationships run on trust. If you run a product based business that is price sensitive, it will be profitable for you to charge price points that will make your customers trust you. You don’t want a reputation for ripping off customers.

If what you offer is a service, then it is very profitable for you to position yourself as a trusted expert that offer free resources and help on different fronts.

The whole idea is to develop trust and that trust gets rewarded by bringing you more business (more customers) because of the favorable reputation you have built.

2. Develop cash flow strategy

What gets measured gets improved. You can grow your business in terms of more sales and customers if you develop a better cash flow strategy.

First, you need to have a handle on your cash flow. Come to terms with how much is going in, and how much is going out, and how fast that is happening.

Next, determine how much money your business needs to run effectively for say 6 months. That information can help you prepare for slow times of the year.

Additionally, you want to track all expenses and cost like one-time cost, variable and fixed cost, from what you discovered you can see what areas you can cut out that will not hamper profit making in any way.

Furthermore, look at the areas you are most profitable, see how you can increase more sales in those profit making products or services. You also want to weed out products or services that are unprofitable or just plain hard-sell for your business.

3. Get passionate employees

To grow your business, employees are a part of the mix. You must come to terms with the fact that you need them. You have to empower and trust them to take responsibility for the success of your business.

And of course employees will not stay with you forever, so you should be prepared for that.

When you are hiring, do well to recruit employees who are passionate about the industry and have the personality for your kind of business. With a team (not just some random collection of people) you can indeed achieve more.

4. Time and trend matters

You are in business to satisfy customers’ needs and wants. But every few months or say years customers taste changes.

It is wise you keep in step with the trend otherwise you will go out of business. Keeping in step means you stay in touch with industry news.

It also means having your eyes on the competition and general changes in the market.

5. Automate non-producing areas

Your business will do better if those non-producing parts are automated. Activities like Invoicing, reports, preparing customers’ orders etc. are some areas you want to automate.

6. Social media

Another way you can grow your small business fast is by taking the opportunities presented by the social media.

Social media is the new media. It is certainly not a fad, but is here to stay. With the social media, you can hang out where your prospects are hanging out.

In fact, no better time in history have we been this empowered to reach people so quickly and for little or no cost at all.

Your business can benefit immensely by growing a strong presence on the social media.

Research the best platforms that will give your business the desired leverage. Some platforms give better reward than others, it all depends on your type of business and the audience that best fits it.

7. Create a referral program

Some businesses enjoy huge referrals and you too can take the initiative by developing a referral program for yours.

Start by communicating to your existing clients what they stand to benefit when they refer your business to someone else.

Ensure you create an incentive that is attractive to your customers and far surpasses the effort they have to put into the program.

At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for you and those who signed up for the program.

8. Invest in your business

Your business can grow when you invest in it. You invest in your business by plowing back part of the profits.

Another way that you can invest in your business is by staying up to date, learning the skills that will help you become relevant and valuable to customers today and tomorrow.


To look for ideas to grow your small-scale business is the right decision to take in achieving business success; go ahead to apply the ones given in this article.