How to Grow a B2B Business Fast

By | July 16, 18
How to grow a B2B business

You can grow your B2B business by applying certain ideas.

How to Grow a B2B Business Fast

Do you own a B2B business? And have you been looking for the best ideas to help you grow and expand it fast? if your answer is yes, then you are reading the right post, it will guide you on how to go about it?

But, let’s learn about B2B businesses:

What is a B2B Business?

A B2B business is a business that sells either products or services to another business. The products can be parts of a car, which a business sells to a car maker like Toyota, GM or Ford or it could be a service from one business to another like the online payment software “stripe” to e-commerce businesses.

That said, now let’s get back to how to grow and expand a B2B business:

9 Ways to Effectively and Quickly Grow your B2B Business

1. Research

The foundation of a good marketing campaign is based on research that uncovers real-time data that clearly explain what the target audience (the customer) really value and is willing to pay for.

After ascertaining what your clients want, you can tailor your products or service to suit them. The more you know your clients, the better you can serve them, and this will help you grow your business easily and quickly too.

2. Know the competition

Researching your industry does not only help you know your clients, but it also helps you know your competitors.

What are your competitors offerings? And what are they doing differently and why? You can also learn what parts of your business are working and what parts are not.

3. Niche

There is strong evidence that a specialized business – a business that is in a niche grows faster and is less exposed to risks than a business in a general market.

As a B2B business, you want to occupy a niche that you command exceptional expertise in, and you should possess the qualities that can make you the dominant brand in that niche.

4. LinkedIn

Since you are a B2B business, you have to take advantage of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a different platform from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Your main customers are other businesses, and that makes LinkedIn a suitable social media platform that can be a part of your marketing campaign.

Of course, you should also have an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but chances are LinkedIn will contribute more to client attraction and sales than others.

You should target your campaigns on prequalified prospects you want to network with and hopefully do business with.

Go ahead and send them a message. Schedule a business meeting and give them a reason to take you seriously.

5. Blog

A blog can do a lot if you know what to do. As a B2B business, you can decide to have a blog or a website (with a blog). Whatever you settle for, the blog should contain articles that prospects find interesting and useful.

You can write articles that are search engine optimized or you can get someone to write them for you (for a token or some other incentive).

The topic of your articles should be a response to questions or queries people have been searching for on the Internet regarding your industry.

Doing so means your article will rank for those keywords people are searching the Internet for.

Because your blog has articles that ranked for specific keywords, the search engines can make your website a lot more visible to prospects that are looking for what you offer.

6. Advertising

It is smart to advertise your business to prospects that are yet to encounter your brand. Some business owners feel that they don’t need to advertise, they believe customers will make the effort to find them, but that thinking does not help.

With customers being exposed daily to so many options, it is proper you do everything to be visible. The Internet has made advertising a lot more effective with a better target audience and low cost compared to traditional media.

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7. Email /Contact list

At the heart of your business is a prospect’s list that must be created, nurtured and grown.

There are email marketing system/platforms that can help you collect emails from prospects interested in what you offer.

Schedule emails; group your prospects into special groups that are interested in a specific subject, etc.

Some of the best email management platforms around that you can work with include Mailchimp, Sendlane, and Mailerlite.

Managing prospects and converting them to customers by sending them emails over a period of time is one effective way to grow your B2B business.

8. Website

To grow your B2B business, you will need a high performing website, one that is central to your marketing campaign.

Gone are the days when a website was just an online brochure; now it is central to your brand online.

Most prospects look up a service provider on the Internet before considering them for business. With an information-rich website, you can project your expertise to the rest of world.

A website also forms a positive perception in the minds of visiting prospects. The impression that a prospect leaves with either makes or mar the end game of the firm’s marketing goal, which is sales.

9. Ask for testimonials, referrals, case studies

You can grow your B2B business by getting some form of help from your existing customers. Some customers really love what you do, you can leverage on that to get new ones on board.

Ask for referrals from existing customers; create an incentive that is mutually beneficial to make that happen.

Also, get testimonials and case studies as these help to add credibility to the business brand.


Now, you have some great marketing ideas on how to grow your B2B business, all that remains now is action on your part.