The Law of Giving

By | May 10, 07

Discover the Irrefutable Law That Brings You Your Needs From Your Giving

People love to receive, however little. It might even be something intangible like greetings, praise, motivating and inspiring words, etc., that is how we are made. When one receives, he naturally is put in a position of indebtedness, a situation he constantly feels an impulse to pay back.

Some years back, I read one of the greatest trillers ever written, tittled The God Father by Mario Puzo. The major character is a mafia leader called the God Father. This man will do anything you request from him without asking for a fee.

However, he would let you know clearly that it is not actually free; that, whenever he is in need of your help, you would have to, by all means, render it. To this God father, nothing goes for nothing, anyone who received from him must pay back someday.

Although this is a cruel means of demanding payment, it nevertheless underscores the fact that when you receive from someone or organisation, you become, whether written or not indebted to them and feel the compulsion to pay back.

This is a fundamental and universal law of nature. So what is it that You desire to have? Is it money, cars, businesses, love, joy? Whatever it is, it is in the possession of humanity.

But you can have them! How? By giving something to humanity! Yes, publish that book; release that song; come up with that product or service that will eliminate the sufferings of many; help people solve their problems, etc.

Generally friend, think of what you can and should give first to humanity, if you do, humanity will become indebted and respond by shooting you to fame (perhaps popularity), and fabulous wealth.

Give love to humanity and you will have abundance of it; cause joy in the lives of people and your life will be filled to the uttermost with joy. Offer bonuses, free items, free back-up services, etc., to your customers and watch your customer base grow and sustained.

“Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” – Luke 6 vs 38


Life Quotes For Wisdom

“Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportuníty to get the most from your talent.”
–Nolan Ryan

“Don’t spend your precious time asking ‘Why isn’t the world a
better place?’ It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is ‘How can I make it better?’ To that there is an answer.”
–Leo Buscaglia

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”
–Samuel Johnson


Medicine For Your Heart

A man checked into a hotel. There was a computer in his room, so he decided to send an e-mail to his wife. However,he accidentally typed the wrong e-mail address, and without realizing his error, he sent the email.

Meanwhile…..somewhere in Houston, a widow had just returned home from her husband’s funeral. The widow decided to check her e-mail, expecting messages from relatives and friends. After reading the first message, she fainted. The widow’s son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor, and saw the computer screen which read: To : My Loving Wife
Subject : I’ve Reached
Date : 16 May 2004

I know you’re surprised to hear from
me. They have computers here now, and you are allowed to send e-mails.

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