Your Talent is Your Ticket to Financial Success

By | May 22, 07

Using Your Talent in Achieving the Desired Success

The story is told in the Bible of a rich and wealthy man who had three servants. He was about
embarking on a journey so he called them up, gave one five talents, the second two talents, and the third one talent to trade with while he was away.

After a long time he came back and asked them to give him the account of what they did with the money. “Master”, said the first servant, “I traded with the five talents you gave me and here I have ten, I made five more as profit with it. “Excellent”, replied the master in appreciation, “Because you have been faithful over a few things, I will give you
charge over many.”

Next was the second servant. “Sir”, he said, “I was able to make two talents with the two you gave me. “Good servant”, said the master approvingly, “Because you have been faithful over a few things, I will give you charge over many.”

Then came the third servant. “Master, please take back your one talent. I didn’t trade with it, I buried it under the earth because I fear you are a hard man, for you reap where you did not sow and gather where you did not straw.”

“You wicked and lazy servant”, shouted the master angrily, “You knew I was a hard man, so why didn’t you keep the money in a bank, at least it would have yielded interest.” “Now take that talent from him and give it to the first servant”, he commanded, “For he who has, more will be given, but he who has not, the little he has will be taken from him.”

That story was actually one of the parables of the Lord Jesus, which you can read up from the Bible in Matthew Chapter 25 from verse 14, to teach humanity a great lesson of life. And the lesson is this:

Everybody born into this world brings with them one or more talents. There is absolutely no one without any. Your talent, which is your natural ability to do something exceptionally well, is meant for you to identify and trade with here on earth to be able to enjoy the good things of life.

The world is a market place where you trade with what you have or what you know how to do. People will pay more for the services of talented individuals.

Look closely, you will see that talented musicians, sports men and women, broadcasters, writers, dancers, marketers, actors and actresses, politicians, scientists, etc occupy the top in their industry and attract the highest pay and fame. But sadly, the majority of the people walking the face of the earth do not realize they have a talent or two. They are totally oblivious of the fact that they are actually millionaires and celebrities only if they could recognize, refine and trade with that special trait they came into this world with.

More sadly, they die without using their talents – that, to me, is the saddest thing to happen to anyone. And that is why I must try to help you to be able to identify where your talent lie so that you can concentrate on trading with it.

Do people usually make positive comments and commend you for doing certain things? Do you normally get people’s attention whenever you do such thing? If yes, that could be an area you have talent, for you can only get people’s attention because you are exceptional at it.

That was the case with Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s highest paid entertainers and TV presenters. Right from the day she gave her first recital in her local church at the age of three, no one that heard her speak was in doubt she had great talent in speaking.

Other women in the church would say to her grandmother, “Hattie Mae, that child is gifted.” And by the time she was four everyone in her town wanted to hear her speak, calling her “the little speaker.”

Having found where her talent lie, Oprah’s mind was made up in the last year of high school that her earning a living was going to be in the field of speaking and drama. She went on to polish her talent by going to college and picking up speaking jobs.

Today, trading with her speaking talent, Oprah Winfrey is not only a billionaire, she is also a worldwide celebrity.

Another way by which you can recognize your talent is to identify the area(s) where you have passion. Something you can do almost all day without getting bored, and which you can even do for free and still derive pleasure doing it. Something you can do quit easily or effortlessly and when it comes out it attracts huge admiration.

In conclusion, I will just emphasize: your talent is your ticket to financial success; identify it, refine it, and trade with it!


Life Quotes For Wisdom

“Follow your desire as long as you live; do not lessen the time of
following desire, for the wasting of time is an abomination to the
spirit.” – Ptahhotep, a 24th century philosopher before Christ.

“The only handicap a man suffers is that imposed on him by his
mind.” – John P. Foppe

“No passion so effectively robs the mind of all its power of acting
and reasoning as fear.” – Edmund Burke


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