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OnDeck Small Business Loan: Truly Helping Small Businesses to Grow

OnDeck declares, “We Actually Want to Lend to Small Business,” which they are truly living up to.

The company’s loan application process is so simple, easy, and fast that you can get approved within 24hrs!

Business financing is one of the toughest challenges small businesses have to face in their quest to grow and succeed.

Without adequate capital, a business will not be able to start successfully, purchase the inventory that it requires to run smoothly, embark on expansion drive, or to develop the structures it needs to be firmly established.

This is the reason over 80% of small businesses inject one form of financing or another into growing their business (source: SBA June 2004 report, titled, Small Business by the Number).

Having noted how important financing is to the success of small businesses, we have partnered with one of the leading and transparent business funding companies out there that you can check out: OnDeck Small Business Loan

Why We Chose OnDeck Small Business Financing

Having looked at several business loan providers and what they offer to small businesses, including their approval procedures and rates, it was not difficult for OnDeck Small Business Loan to stand out of the pack.

Specifically, here are the reasons we chose OnDeck and why you should check them out yourself if you need a loan to grow your business:

Strong Reputation

From its launch in 2007, OnDeck has left no one in doubt of what its mission is, to help small businesses solve the issue of financing and take their businesses to the next level.

The seriousness to which it has pursued that mission has enabled it to build a strong reputation in the lending industry, making it the number one choice for loan to small business owners.

In less than a decade, the company has provided more than $3 billion funding to over 45,000 businesses across 700 industries and more.

A strong proof of evidence of the company’s solid reputation can be seen in the fact that 93% of its customers will gladly recommend its service to a friend as highlighted on its website.

In addition to that, it is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, a highly reputable agency.

Strong Commitment to Financing Small Businesses

Another reason we are recommending OnDeck Small Business Loan is its commitment to helping small businesses get the financial help they need to expand. The company’s commitment can be seen in the following areas:

  • It provides small business financing model that is sustainable and scalable, which allows small businesses to grow and succeed in their various industries without needing subsidy or public support.
  • The company adheres strictly to transparency and total disclosures of its service. It ensures that its customers are told the complete truth about the loans they are taking, and that the process is transparent so that anyone accessing their loan facility will have the necessary information to make the best decision.
  • It is committed to providing awesome customer service, which is attested to by its numerous satisfied customers.
  • Keeping shared information safe: With OnDeck, you can be rest assured that information you share with the company is safe and will be kept private. Data security is something the company doesn’t take lightly.
  • When you sign up with OnDeck small business loan, you can be sure you will be working with the best professionals in the loan industry. The company gives top priority to attracting and retaining the best hands in the industry, which translates to great service to the small business customer.

Simple, Fast and Easy Loan Approval Process

Probably its best feature so far; the simplicity, ease, and speed with which loan applications are processed and approved by OnDeck is second to none.

By providing a few information on the company’s loan application page, you can actually have your loan approved within 24hrs.

The process is made so simple, easy, and fast because the company employs sophisticated technology that assesses businesses based on their actual performance, rather than on personal credit.

Using this technology results in appreciable higher approval rates than is obtainable with many lenders out there who use the traditional techniques that emphasize personal credit score.

That means, you stand a better chance here to getting the loan that you desire, so start the process right away by clicking here: OnDeck Small Business Loan.


From our diligent research and investigation of OnDeck Small Business Loan and findings, we can confidently recommend its service to you, a small business owner looking for a loan to grow and expand your business.

The company offers different loan types, including short and long term loans with competitive rates, and it ensures total disclosures and transparency on its loans.

Check them out for yourself here: OnDeck Small Business Loan, get the loan you need, and take your business higher.

Signed: The Success Principles Online Team