How to Grow a Beauty Salon Fast

By | July 29, 18
How to grow a beauty salon

Your beauty salon can experience big growth by the application of certain ideas.

How to Grow a Beauty Salon Fast

Do you want the best marketing ideas on how you can grow your beauty salon business fast? If you do, then read on.

Running a beauty salon business comes with its own fair share of challenges. You have to deal with customers, stay up to date with trends, manage employees and also think of growing the business.

It is only by solving the challenges that you can create value and grow the business.

To succeed in a fast-paced industry like the beauty industry influenced by many personal factors like change in taste, fashion, lifestyle, income, trend, etc. is definitely a breathtaking task.

If you are ready to grow and expand your beauty salon business, here are proven ideas to work with:

Top 7 Ways to Grow your Beauty Salon Quickly

1. Know your customers

Who are your customers? Why do they patronize you? What aspect of your services do they really value?

It is important to know your customer segment and capitalize on the needs of that segment in growing your business.

You can achieve this by asking questions and soliciting suggestions on what more your customers would like to see or get when they patronize you. A suggestion box attached with a reward, like a discount could do the magic.

2. Know the Job

Customers buy benefits; whether it is a service or product everyone wants value for his or her money.

Running a beauty salon requires some technical and creative skills. Do customers see you as that expert who can get the job done? Ensure you are an expert and be perceived as such. This is a basic prerequisite for retaining clients and growing your business.

3. Expand the markets you serve

After being known as the best (or one of the best) at what you do, you should plan to expand your market and increase your revenue by offering services that capture different segments of the market.

You can offer services that meet the needs of children and men also (and that may mean adding a barbing section).

Moms who come for your service can also bring their children along, which means your place should be kids friendly (add a section where kids can play while their moms get their hair done).

4. Maximize on trends

Be up-to-date with trends in the industry and add the products/services in vogue as a result of that.

Today people are increasingly seeking for products of convenience such as wig, crochet braids, etc. Customers would rather have their braids ready in 10minutes than sit for hours to have it made on their hair.

Creating a product line around beauty trends will add another stream of revenue for a salon that is ready to move with the tide.

If you fail to follow the trends in your industry, you will go stale and out of business sooner or later.

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5. Work on your physical evidence

Customers have perceptions of what your service should worth the moment they arrive. What associations do you want them to link with your business?

Is it the “wow effect”?

“This place looks really cool”.

Or one of doubt like “can these people get the job done”

Will people perceive you as cheap or classy?

As a beauty salon, your facility has to communicate beauty and professionalism. Customers should be able to fix a good price tag in their minds to pay when they enter your premises. Your salon should make that impression in the mind of the client.

Are you wondering who will bear the cost? Giving extra services that customer value allows you to charge a premium.

Customers do not always buy for logical reasons; they also buy for emotional reasons like “class and prestige.”

Charging a premium for the extra service will not be out of place but will create an association of exclusivity to your brand.

6. Tech your salon

The world has gone digital and businesses have to be digitally driven. How can you ensure you keep up?
First, start with your own a website:

It is important that you have a website to offer you online presence. Having a website makes your salon visible not just to customers but even to strangers visiting your locality for the first time.

They can see the works you have done, your range of services, and the value you have to offer. It is, in fact, a low-cost advertising channel for your business. Also, incorporate in your site online booking service.

Maintain a social media presence:

Use social media heavily; you can put videos of styles that you have made on YouTube to show off your skills and creativity and create a link to your website.

You can also promote your salon by taking photographs of unique styles you have done weekly and share them on the social media.

You can give a talk/ video as an expert on beauty issues that raises a concern to people; issues like how to grow your hair, treat dandruff, how to keep healthy nails, beautiful feet, etc.

Instagram is also a widely used social media platform where you can share professional photographs of your works. The objective is to extend your reach and be found by customers on the go.

7. Time your promotions

Festive periods and special occasions are an opportunity for you to get new customers and referrals, and to retain your old clients.

You can offer discounts to first-time customers, reward existing ones, and offer a package to encourage repeat purchase.

You can offer a free service for every three or four visits (purchases).


To grow and expand your beauty salon should be part of your overall plan to achieve success in the business; apply the ideas shared above and you will be sure of taking your business to a higher level.