How to Grow a Small Electrical Business Fast

By | July 3, 18
How to grow your small electrical business

With the right ideas you can easily and quickly grow your small electrical business.

How to Grow a Small Electrical Business Fast

If you run a small electrical business and are looking for how to grow it, then this post provides proven and actionable ideas that you can use.

You can start an electrical business on a small scale, but you should make plans for growing it over time so it can render service to more people and yield more revenue to its owners or shareholders.

Given below are some of the best ideas you can easily apply to growing and taking your electrical business to a greater level.

9 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Electrical Business

1. Branding

Branding has a lot to do with your image and reputation in the minds of people. It all starts from the sound of your business name, slogan, the look and feel of your call cards, your website, and company vehicle (it should be branded with your company details, colors, and service promise).

If you are serious about growing your electrical business, maybe you should objectively check the pulse of your brand; then consider if reworking your image will be better for growing your business.

2. Website

Your website is a huge part of your brand. It is a place new prospects make sense of what your business is about.

If your website looks like it was made 10 years ago, then it’s time you get an upgrade. Apart from the brand benefits of your website, it is also a huge part of your marketing campaign.

Enhance your website with the help of digital marketing expertise so it ranks on the first page of search results for certain keywords (key benefits your business offers) and not just for local business rankings.

3. Marketing

Marketing is at the heart of business since the purpose of a business is to find and keep customers. Your marketing effort starts with a marketing budget.

The next thing is to get a marketing plan. You can develop one yourself if you have the skills or get help in that regard.

Your marketing effort should help you get the most returns on every cent spent.

You should look at the best way to attract clients to your electrical business. Marketing is a culmination of interrelated activities that help you get customers at the end of the day.

4. Shop around for suppliers

There are two ways to increase profits and grow your electrical business. One is to increase sales and the other is to reduce cost. One way to reduce cost is to get a good or even better bargain from suppliers.

It is wise to shop around for supplier deals; don’t just depend on one supplier. Getting more information helps you compare value and price. In the end, you are rewarded for your effort that comes in the form of reduced cost.

There are many ways to get assistance from suppliers; do some research and take advantage of the information.

5. Create referral

You can get more sales by creating a referral program that rewards anyone that refers your business to a new prospect.

You can offer to reward those that refer businesses to you in the form of service to be delivered to them. Whatever means of reward you select, it should be a win-win at the end of the day.

6. Email list

Having an email list helps you to keep track of customers and prospects; you can inform your list of new offers, promos, and gifts.

With an email list, you can also provide advisory Information that will add value to the lives of people.

People want to learn how best to work with every device that uses electricity. This is where you can be of immense help. You can complement your email list with a blog.

7. Cultivate relationship

Business is about relationships. After all, you have no business starting an electrical service firm if you are not interested in people in the first place.

It is important you have a policy on cultivating relationships. You can do this by making a powerful impression on your client – especially your first job with them. Go above and beyond for them.

Another way to cultivate relationships is to be enthusiastic to meet everyone related to a project.

Meet, greet, and introduce yourself to everyone connected in one way or the other. Most times, people ask other people to recommend anyone that can do a particular work and when it comes to electrical works your name should easily come to mind since you are friendly and do make time for meeting people.

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8. Embrace change

Advances in science and technology are changing every industry and the electrical business is not different.

If you want to remain relevant and grow your business, then embrace the changes in the marketplace.

Be on top of things by learning all there is about solar energy, wind, green energy, and every other thing that impacts your business and will continue to do so.

9. Offer warranty

People are warm towards businesses that offer warranties and guarantees. You can take advantage of that fact to grow your small electrical business.

When you are done with servicing a client’s electrical equipment, you can inform them that they qualify for a warranty for a specified period.

That information instantly endears your business to their heart and they are rest assured that you are committed to their welfare, and that if anything goes wrong you will come back to fix it.

Your clients will therefore be encouraged to recommend your service to their friends and families, and that can lead to the fast growth of your business.


Your small electrical business doesn’t have to remain the same way you started it forever; it can actually get bigger and serve much more customers by applying the ideas in this post to grow it.