How to Grow a Bakery Business Fast and Effectively

By | July 23, 18
Grow a Bakery Business

By applying proven marketing ideas, you can successfully grow your bakery business.

How to Grow a Bakery Business Fast and Effectively

Do you currently run a bakery business and need information on how to grow it? if you do, then this post provides the best ideas to help you do just that fast.

Starting a business is not a stroll in the park, but growing one is even tougher because growing a business comes with a lot of efforts; not just random efforts but informed and specific actions that work.

Now, here are:

10 Best Ideas to Effectively Grow a Bakery Business

1. Give free samples

A bakery business can benefit immensely from free samples offered especially to first-time tasters.

Offering free samples is one of the fastest ways to make a stranger become a customer since it is at no cost on their part to try your offerings and form an impression about your products.

Offering small taster portions inspires warm conversations and leads to more sales at the end of the day.

Giving out free samples of your products is also a good marketing strategy since it has a way of inducing customers to do something in return for your gesture.

It’s like a good debt they want to make extra effort to pay back. The good thing is payback comes back to you as sales, which will lead to business growth.

2. Customer loyalty programs

The purpose of a business is to find and keep customers. You have the work of looking for some customers; it is now time to do the work of keeping them.

Keeping a customer does not have to be a hard thing, it takes applying simple thoughtful principles. Design a customer loyalty program.

A customer loyalty program is very useful since it is designed to help you keep customers loyal to your brand.

Repeat business is the soul of a business because it helps you maintain cash flow without spending too much looking for new customers.

Your customer loyalty package can have discounts and free gifts attached to it.

3. Client referral program

Another way you can grow your bakery business is to set up a client referral program. Some of your customers really love what you do and will tell the world about you. Take advantage of such goodwill that you have generated over time.

There are some prospects you may not be able to reach but your current customers can help you reach them better and faster – these are people in their network.

Ask your customer for referrals and inform them of the benefits they stand to get when they do so. Think of something that will really interest them, it does not have to be expensive but thoughtful.

4. Venture into wholesale

How about adding a wholesale section to your business? You can sign a contract with caterers and restaurants to take your products.

A good wholesale price will be one of the attractions for the deal. Apart from price, your products should stand out in terms of taste and texture. Venturing into wholesale will serve as another stream of income as well as help in growing your business.

5. Appear on special events

You want to attend events and special occasions that can help your business in some way. Special events like birthdays and weddings are some of the ways to get the word out about your brand and grow it. Attending these events aids networking and brings you the kind of people you want as clients.

6. Offer classes

There are lots of people who love cakes and other bakery products. One of the ways to increase sales is by offering to take some classes on baking and decoration.

Apart from attracting students that may later turn customers; by making videos of your classes, you will be able to promote your brand and business on different social media platforms like YouTube, and also on blogs. These platforms prompts engagement that leads to sales and increases in brand awareness.

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7. Starting a website

Websites are central to your business success in the internet era that we are in presently. It is your number one online brand asset.

Does your bakery business have a website? If it does, then it should be optimized as a central part of your marketing campaign.

Your website should be beautiful, functional, and mobile friendly, and site visitors should be able to place orders from it.

8. Social media pages

You can set up social media pages for your business as a part of the marketing mix. They complement your website and the entire marketing process.

Your social media pages, which are useful for client attraction and brand awareness, should look professional with fresh contents posted regularly on it.

You also need to get more people as fans and followers; the more people that see what you are about, the better for business.

9. Add healthy options

There is a trend towards everything healthy, from organic foods to ice cream.

As a way to respond favorably to changes in the market, you want to offer healthy products to your menu. This helps you sell more and grow your company as you attract health conscious customers to your brand.

10. Run promotions

There are many unique ways to put your business in the minds of prospective customers; you only need to be creative about it.

You can run mouth-watering promotions on special days that will get everyone talking about your products. On special holidays, you can give discounts and coupons.

Advertising online will not only bring brand awareness but also sales and expansion of your business. Advertising online does not cost an arm and a leg. It is much more effective than traditional advertising in most cases, and with a little budget you are good to go.


By applying the powerful marketing ideas shared in this post, you are sure to be able to grow and expand your bakery business.