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Xerox Incorporation Business Strategies

Xerox Incorporation Business Strategies Undoubtedly, the business success of Xerox over the many decades in its history leaves a lot of lessons and strategies for running a business successfully. Here are some of them. Investing in Product Improvement Having a better quality product in the market is a critical factor for achieving success in the industry. Consumers will… Read More »

KFC Business Strategies

KFC Business Strategies KFC business experience and success over the decades provides opportunity for entrepreneurs, business owners and managers to learn valuable strategies and ideas to run their businesses to success. Here are business strategies, which have taken KFC from a one-man business to the multi billion dollars enterprise that it is today, and which you can apply… Read More »

Tyson Foods Business Strategies

Tyson Foods Business Strategies Tyson Foods rise from a small start-up business, which began with a few hundreds of dollars, to today’s multi billion dollar corporation leaves a lot of ideas and strategies for entrepreneurs, business managers and owners to learn from and also succeed. No Risk, No Gain Business is about taking risk. You will need to… Read More »

Honeywell Business Strategies

Honeywell Business Strategies Honeywell’s business success for the 125 years that it has been in business is definitely made possible by the strategies and ideas the founders and managers applied in running it all through the past decades. These ideas, which are universal principles of business success, can be adopted into any industry to achieve similar success, and… Read More »

FedEx Business Strategies

FedEx Business Strategies Here are strategies, key business decisions, and actions that have enabled FedEx to attain so much success in the relative short years of its existence, which you can, as business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, adopt. Finding a Profitable Niche The best way to get into business is to identify a niche with good profit potential,… Read More »

Johnson & Johnson Business Strategies

Johnson & Johnson Business Strategies Surviving in business for more than 120 years, with most of those years as market leader in many product categories means that the ideas and strategies that Johnson & Johnson employed worked, and are worth copying. Here are strategies, which took J & J to the top of its industry, and which can… Read More »