How to Successfully Advertise Your Product for Free

By | June 5, 07

Proven Ways to Successfully get Free Advertisement for Your Product

Your successfully creating a product or service is a sure problem affecting them; and because it solves their problem, they will be glad to exchange their money for it.

With more people using your product or service, and repeatedly too, you will be smiling to the bank, basking in the success of your entrepreneurial venture.

That is exactly what it should be. Every labor is duly rewarded. But it is not always so for a great number of entrepreneurs, not because their product or service is poor in value, but because the intended customers don’t get to know about it.

That’s why it is important to advertise your product or service, especially to those who are in dire need of what you are offering – am referring here to people with money in hand ready to give it to you for your product or service. It’s when you are able to do that that you can really know what success truly is.

Quit frankly, a lot of entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of advertising to the success of their business, however, the major issue is bearing the cost of the advertisement. Advertising on television, radio, newspaper or magazines is usually very expensive and so mostly out of the reach of small businesses.

But there is a way which I’m going to show you as you continue reading that will enable you to effectively use the power of television, radio, newspaper and magazine to reach your target market absolutely for free, that is, without paying a cent.

The best part of this little known secret that has always been there since the advent of communication media is that you can use substantial time or space of your chosen media for months or years repeatedly for free. If you were to pay for this, it would probably cost you
millions of dollars, but you are getting it for free while watching your sales hitting the roof!

This is it! Your product or service is meant to help a particular group of people isn’t it? If so, then make contact with the TV and radio producers of programs related to your product/service by calling them on phone or sending them a letter or email and ask to
be featured on their show or to anchor a segment of it.

Let them know how much you will be helpful in educating and enlightening their viewers and
listeners and thereby helping to increase the value of the show.

Make the same approach to newspaper and magazine editors and request to provide them
with quality articles that will immensely be beneficial to their readers for free.

If you do this, most often than not, your request will be granted. I can confidently tell you as one with great experience in the media that like a hungry lion, producers and editors are always in need of personalities and contents to keep their shows and publications going, so they will be glad to receive your request, especially if it’s on a hot topic.

You are not going to charge them for it, but you will insist that your product or service or business, as the case may be is given a prominent mention.

Let say you have a book on “How to Loss Weight” that you want to advertise. Your agreement with the producer if invited as guest on their show is that they introduce the book to viewers and allow you to speak briefly about it, including where and when to get a copy, during the show or towards its end.

For newspapers or magazines, ask that your by-line, which should contain a statement that reads like: “…is the author of How to Loss Weight” is left, together with your contact, such as website, email address and phone number in each article that is published.

This is not only a great way to secure repeated advertisements for your product/service or business for free; it also provides you extremely effective advertisements that can explode your sales instantly.

This is so because here you have the opportunity to speak directly to thousands or even millions of your potential customers, who by your show or writings have come to see you as expert and so believe and trust that the product/service you are recommending will meet their need.

Therefore, without hesitation they will happily pull out their wallets and you will experience an unprecedented surge of sales like water gushing from a broken pipe; sales you may never have been able to achieve using the traditional means of advertisement, which of course you would have paid heavily for.

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