The Seven Keys To Successfully Achieve Your Goals In The New Year

By | January 28, 09

The Seven Keys To Successfully Achieve Your Goals In The New Year

Welcome to 2009. Welcome to a fresh beginning to plan for greater achievements and success. How did you perform in achieving your goals last year? Did you achieve all your goals, some of it, or none at all?

If you did achieve all your goals last year, I salute you, that’s great! However, that was for last year. You cannot remain on past successes, for there are higher levels to attain.

In one of my chemistry courses some years ago in school, we studied the atom having different energy levels where you would find its electrons distributed. When an electron in a lower energy level gains enough energy, it will move to a higher level. If again it gains enough more energy it will move to the next higher level, and so on. There is always a higher level an electron can move to provided it acquired enough energy to ascend it.

This is equally true about life. There is always a higher level of success to attain.

Even if you achieved 100% success in your business or personal life last year, there is still a higher level of success you can aspire to reach this year, and I’m going to help you achieve it by sharing with you the seven keys to realizing your goal.

These keys to achieving your goals will also be immensely useful to you if you didn’t quite do well in reaching your goals last year. With these keys in your hand, you will no longer be hampered from reaching your set goals this year as you will know exactly what to do to successfully attain them.

Let me quickly stress that it is important to set goals to improve every area of your life, not just in one or two aspects, but in all: your relationships, finances, health, education, community, etc. so that you can achieve complete success in your life.

Attaining success in your finances and doing very badly in health will not amount to true life success because with ill health it will be impossible for you to enjoy the success you made taking your finances to the top.

Setting goals in every area of your life will keep you in check from jeopardizing other aspects of your life by the goals you are making in one. For instance, you plan to make $10 million this year, which will require you working 18 hrs a day and traveling almost every day.

Sure you may achieve this financial goal, but your relationship with your family and loved ones, as well as your health may suffer. And if you value these parts of your life much, you may end up not being happy, even with lots of money in your bank account. And this doesn’t in any way amount to success.

Now that we know how vital it is to have goals for improving every area of our lives, I will go straight to the seven keys to use to successfully achieve your goals this year.

Key No.1: Know Exactly What You Want

A lot of people never experience success in their lives because they don’t even know exactly what they want. Today they are insurance sales persons, and tomorrow they are selling books. They are easily drifted to wherever the winds blow, and are never known for anything.

A vital key to success in life to imbibe is to be specific (not general) about your goal. For instance, saying you want to achieve higher income this year is not good enough, but saying you would want to earn $1 million this year is better. Another example is saying you want a reduction in your weight by 3 pounds each month of the year if you are dealing with over weight problem, instead of saying you would want to cut down on your wealth this year.

Key No. 2: Write Down Your Goals On Paper

One of the strongest keys to success, which, unfortunately, over 90% of people usually disregard, but which all successful people practice, is writing down goals on paper. Success, without doubt begins on paper. If you cannot write down clearly what you want to achieve, forget it, you can never realize it. But if you can clearly express your desire, to the faintest detail, stating exactly how you want it, then be assured, it’s only a matter of time, you will achieve it.

This is true, because:

Firstly, taking a pen and paper to write your goals down sends a strong message to your being that you really know what you want, and you believe in it, and are committed to achieving it.

This declaration that you have made to yourself will provide you unstoppable motivation that will propel you to immediately take action to accomplishing the goal. It is almost magical how much writing down your goals can drive you to realizing them.

Secondly, by having it written down and placed where you can see and read it daily, you will be able to assess your progress, and be re-energized in the face of challenges. As you read your goals daily, you are again and again filled with the same excitement about realizing it that you felt the day you wrote them down.

Key No.3: Set A Deadline To Reaching Your Goal

Now you must set a time to reaching your goal. Timing our activities helps us to be efficient in what we do. If you are, or have worked in an employment, you know you have to complete your work, turn in your report, etc, at a given time, and not any time you like. Whatever assignment given to you, your boss expects you to send in your report at a certain time, failure to do that may put your job on the line.

Setting a deadline to reach your goal puts you on your toes until you have achieved the goal. It pulls you up to sitting down and working on your goal at such times when you don’t feel like working on it. There will be times in the course of working on your goal when the condition or environment will not seem conducive to carrying on.

If you had not set a time to attain your goal and stick to it, you would easily suspend your work to a later, more conducive circumstance. And there goes your goal, because a more conducive or convenient time to achieving success may never come.

However, you don’t have to feel bad if you were not able to reach your goal at the expiration of your set time. You may have under estimated the degree of work involved in reaching the goal at the time you were setting the deadline, and so didn’t achieve the goal at the end of the set time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and you have certainly not failed. What you will do is simply set another deadline from the level you have reached in attaining the goal.

If it’s a large goal you are working on, it’s better to break it into smaller goals with their deadlines. For instance, you want to set up a manufacturing business. Owning a manufacturing business is the overall goal and it’s quite large.

To achieve success in realizing this big goal, you have to break it up into smaller parts, such as “setting up a factory”, “Purchasing of Equipment”, “Recruiting capable hands”, etc, and assign deadlines to achieving each of these smaller goals.

Key No. 4: Make A List Of All You Will Have To Do To Reach Your Goal

Take a pen and a piece of paper, write down everything you can possibly think of that you will have to do to realize your goal. This brainstorming is a great key to success you must not skip.

As you write down the things you will be required to do to make your goal a reality, you are highly motivated for success. You know you will succeed because you know exactly what it takes to get there. It is made clear before you the things you have expertise to personally do and those you may either need to be trained on, or hire somebody to do.

Key No.5: Arrange The List Above In Order Of Priority

The fifth key to achieving your goal is to organize the list of all the things you can think of that you will need to do to reach your goal in order of importance. You will have those things you must do first on top of the list while the rest come under according to how important they are to reaching your goal.

Doing this automatically sets up a plan of action for you to follow to effectively and successfully bring your goal to reality.

Key No. 6: Begin To Act On Your Plan

According to Newton’s first law of motion, an object will remain at a place of rest unless a force acts on it. This again is equally true with human life and achievement. Whatever plan you may have, and whatever resources may be at your disposal, if you do not make the move and take action to achieving your goal, nothing will happen, there will be no success, and your desire will continue to remain in your dream.

But as you summon the courage and find the energy and motivation to work on your plan, completing the more important tasks on top first, you will be amazed how much closer you are bringing yourself to achieving your goal and making your dream come true.

Key No. 7: Work On Reaching Your Goal Daily

The seventh key that will enable you to achieve your goals and success is to do something relevant to reaching your goal everyday. Don’t allow any day to pass without doing something, no matter how little that pertains to the goal. It might be to write and send a letter, make a telephone call, or send an email, just do it!

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, you may not be able to achieve your large goals in one day, a couple of weeks, or even years, but if you will do something on your plan of action list daily and consistently, you will be surprised how much you have accomplished over time and you will surely achieve your goal.

I have just shared with you the seven success keys to achieving whatever goal you will set for yourself this year. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be your greatest year ever as you will be able to reach your goals and realize your dream with these keys. Have a wonderful year!

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