It’s Never Too Late To Succeed In Life

By | January 19, 09

It’s Never Too Late To Succeed In Life – George Burns, Colonel Harland Sanders Success Stories

You may be right now heading to your fifties and you are wondering to yourself if you will ever succeed in realizing your long held dream.

There is something you have always wanted to do. It could be a business idea you believe would bring a solution to the problem of millions of people; it could be to travel the world and see other places and culture; or to get to the pinnacle of your career. It could even be a noble course to serve humanity – to reach out to people who are in need and bring help to them.

Whenever you visualize yourself doing this thing, you are filled with joy and fulfillment. No doubt, if you can live this life of your dreams, you will have considered your life here on earth successful. But the problem is that you just have not been able to even start doing it.

Now, you look in the mirror and you see the tell tale signs of aging on your face, and you are gripped with fear that you might not be able to make that dream happen after all. Your spirit is low whenever you realize how old you are becoming, and your enthusiasm for the object of your dream is dampened

But wait a minute; I have something to tell you. It’s never too late to succeed in life! That’s of course the title of this article, but I have to restate it to emphasize the fact that whatever age you are now, as long as you are alive, you can still achieve success and live the life of your dreams.

There have been people who came to phenomena success not when they were young, but surprisingly when they were in their “old age”, an age when they would have been expected to start preparing to jet out of the earth.

Here is the success story of George Burns:

Burns had been a movie actor all his life, but was little known. He was then in his eighties when he got the opportunity to play the lead role in a movie after one of his best friends, Jack Benny, who was initially to play the role died.

Success Story: George Burns

The producers were worried about “old Burns”. He had not done a movie in 35 years, and they feared his age might affect his memory and may cause him to forget his lines in the course of the movie, which would affect the pace of the production of the film.

About a week before the production was to begin, the director asked all members of the cast to come for a reading of the screenplay.

Burns arrived without his manuscript! The director and producers were alarmed that his memory was worse than they had thought. So much that it didn’t remind him to come with his script.

But to their amazement, they were wrong. Burns had memorized not only his script, but those of other cast members. He was so good in the movie that he won an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor in the movie. He went on to do over ten more movies.

Age is never a barrier to success! You are never too old to achieve your dreams and experience true success and fulfillment in life. It’s your determination to succeed that matters.

That was exactly Colonel Harland Sanders’ attitude to life.

He was forty years when he began operating a service station in Corbin, Kentucky, providing meals to hungry travelers who stopped in for gas.

Success Story: Colonel Sanders

His business was growing fast in response to his great culinary skill, just as he was perfecting his Secret Recipe, and improving on his cooking skill.

However, in 1955 an interstate highway was built to bypass Corbin. This left Sanders without any customer to patronize his restaurant any more. He was totally out of business, and he was 65!

After selling the service station and paying off his debts, he was broke. But his resolve to succeed in life wasn’t. Sanders decided to get on the road to sell his Secret Recipe to restaurants.

He completely devoted himself to selling his chicken franchise business, and within ten years he had over 600 franchises in the U.S. and Canada.

By 1976, Colonel Sanders was ranked the world’s second most recognized celebrity by an independent survey. And in 1980, at the age of 90, he traveled 250, 000 miles a year visiting Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants across the world before he was seriously put down by leukemia.

And today, Kentucky Fried Chicken is in more than 80 countries of the world, with revenue in several billions of dollars.

The success stories of these two great men, who defied being limited by age, should totally shatter any fear you may be having about making your dream happen because of your age.

Don’t give up on your dream! And stop looking at your age, it’s only a number. Get started now in the pursuit of your dream if you haven’t already, and if you have, don’t get discouraged by whatever the challenges on your way, continue to strive to your goal until you reach it. And I can guarantee you, it will come!

It’s never too late to be successful in life, for it’s certainly not over until it’s over!

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