Key To Success: Showing Respect To The People You Make Contact With Daily

By | February 5, 09

One big key to success in life that a lot of people usually fall wanting of is, to give respect to people we make contact with daily.

Here is a short, but true story that brings this often disregarded success key home perfectly:

On one raining day in Philadelphia, an elderly woman sauntered into a departmental store. Thinking she was taking refuge from the rain, and wasn’t going to buy anything, the store’s personnel ignored her, except one.

He was a clerk, industrious, compassionate and respectful. He walked up to her and asked if there was anything he could help her with. The old lady told him she didn’t need anything, but that she only came into the store to shield herself from the rain.

Instead of going away, since he couldn’t possibly make any sale from her, the young man brought her a chair so she could sit and be comfortable while she waited for the rain to subside.

When the rain eventually stopped, and as the woman was leaving she asked the clerk for his card. Then some months later, the departmental store owner received a letter from Scotland. It was from the elderly woman. In it, she asked that that young clerk who showed her kindness be sent to Scotland to furnish her entire castle.

Behold, she was the mother of Andrew Carnegie, the billionaire!

You see, it is not by mere accident that you come in contact with the people you are in contact with daily. They definitely have a role to play in you reaching your goals and making success in life.

However lowly they might appear, there is something they have come to assist you with in your getting to the next level in life – they have something to contribute to the equation of your life – to the success you very much crave for.

Certainly, no human being is useless, even if they are not as intelligent or as rich as you are, there is still something they can help you with that is key to your success, or that can prevent you from suffering great losses and pain.

They may not be able to offer you money or grand ideas, but a simple idea or lead from them can immediately open your eyes to the possibilities you may never have known.

Like the other workers at that departmental store on that raining day who blew their golden chance to strike a relationship that could have changed their lives completely for good, so also are many people today who miss success because they don’t realize that the people they have the chance of meeting in the course of the day, in their offices, saloons, clubs, worship centers, gyms, homes, etc., have a part to play in their pursue of success.

Treat all persons with respect and dignity, appreciate and value them, and they will lift you up to reaching your life’s goal.

See every contact with other people as for a purpose; value and nurture your relationships, and be open to be able to perceive the contributions they have come to make to your life.

There is a contribution every contact you make is to add to your life. Coming in contact with my blog is not an accident, there is a reason you have found it. Your life will definitely be empowered by the articles you read here.

Decide today to treat every person you come in contact with, with more love and genuine kindness, and you will definitely experience success in your life!

Since I found out this amazing key to success some years back, my life has experienced a tremendous leap of success. By treating the people around me with greater respect and appreciation I haven’t been stranded one day for not been able to fix anything.

I have realized that whenever I’m having a challenge, there is always someone I know closely who can solve it, and that person will actually be glad to be helping out. If he or she cannot handle it himself or herself, there would be someone they know who they can refer the matter to, and that person will treat it with special attention.

Whatever the problem confronting you right now, someone close to you has the solution, or knows someone who does. If you are relating with that person with respect, honesty, support, kindness, appreciation, love, and all the positive attitudes that make him or her feel good to be around you, surely you will get the problem solved quickly, and even at no cost.

That person will never hesitate to helping you reach your goals and achieving success in life!

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  1. Farai

    Brilliant piece. Life is indeed about relationships. Most successful people are very respectful and treat everyone as an equal. The advise contained in this article can be applied by anybody who wants to bring positive change to his/her life.

    Thanks Innocent – this is thought provoking.

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