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Johnson & Johnson Business Strategies

Johnson & Johnson Business Strategies Surviving in business for more than 120 years, with most of those years as market leader in many product categories means that the ideas and strategies that Johnson & Johnson employed worked, and are worth copying. Here are strategies, which took J & J to the top of its industry, and which can… Read More »

L’Oréal’s Business Strategies

L’Oréal’s Business Strategies Here are the business strategies that have taken L’Oréal to world number one position in the beauty and cosmetics industry. As an entrepreneur, business owner or manager, you can actually adopt these strategies to your business and experience similar success. Continue To Improve On Your Products You cannot afford not to continue to improve on… Read More »

Cisco Systems Inc. Business Strategies

Cisco Systems Inc. Business Strategies Building a business from scratch and in less than three decades it is worth hundreds of billions of dollars is no mean feat; it takes generating effective strategies and executing them. It takes taking the right decisions at the right time. Here are strategies that have made Cisco Systems Inc. a multibillion dollar… Read More »

Apple Inc. Business Strategies

Apple Inc. Business Strategies Apple Inc.’s rise from the scratch to become one of the world’s greatest business success stories is the result of the quality of its management’s ideas, and strategies. These same ideas and strategies brought out below can also be applied to other businesses for equal success. Two Heads are better Than One Whenever it… Read More »

PSA Peugeot Citroen S.A. Business Strategies

PSA Peugeot Citroen S.A. Business Strategies The Peugeot Company has continued to wax strong after more than 120 years of formation because of strategies and ideas its managements have implemented over the many decades in its history. Today, knowing these strategies, and adopting them to your business’ situation can help you overcome difficult challenges, and achieve great success… Read More »

adidas Business Strategies

adidas Business Strategies The success story of adidas throws up valuable strategies and keys to business success for business managers and entrepreneurs to use for their business. Here they are: Starting Business With Little Or Nothing With knowledge of what to do, the right attitude, focus, determination to succeed and creativity, you can start a business with little… Read More »