Apple Inc. Business Strategies

By | June 12, 10

Apple Inc. Business Strategies

Apple Inc.’s rise from the scratch to become one of the world’s greatest business success stories is the result of the quality of its management’s ideas, and strategies. These same ideas and strategies brought out below can also be applied to other businesses for equal success.

Two Heads are better Than One

Whenever it is possible, having two or three people that share the same goals and aspirations, and who are comfortable working together is better than one person doing it alone. They will be able to achieve success easier as they share responsibilities and join resources together.

Apple’s success was almost instantaneous because the company was formed by the partnership of two exceptionally gifted individuals, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs, separately in electronic product creation and marketing.

Seeking Advice from Experienced People

If you haven’t got any experience of doing something before, it is a wise idea to seek the advice of someone who has. They will be able to guide you through the right path to achieving your goal, and to prevent you from making terrible mistakes that could cost you a great deal.

Steve Jobs consulted with Mike Markkula about how to build Apple into a big company.
Advertising is needed

You need to have a plan and budget for advertising, so that you can reach your target market effectively, and they can know what you offer. Having a great product that people don’t know about will not make a company successful. However, if you cannot afford the service of an advertising firm to handle your campaign, you will need to study your industry and consult with experienced people in the industry to create your campaign.

Steve Jobs, realizing the crucial role of effective advertising to business success hired the services of a proven firm to manage Apple’s advertising campaign, which resulted in Apple’s sales shooting above the roof.

Knowing What Buyers Require In a Product

Buyers usually assess products based on certain solutions that they need. For instance, they may want a product that is easier, simpler, or more convenient to use than others available in the market. And they want the product at reduced price.

In your industry, you need to know the solutions a large number of your target users require so that you can create products at lower costs that offer them. Not knowing this first before creating a product will not lead to success, but failure.

Knowing that a lot of people were not technically knowledgeable, and that they needed personal computers they can easily operate themselves, at lower prices than what was obtainable, Apple created the Macintosh personal computer, which was launched in 1984, and which sold two million units a year after it was released.

Remain Focused

Nothing more can fall a business than its management jumping from one unrelated business idea to another. You need to remain focused in your line of business and expand it. Even when you are diversifying, it is better if it is to related industry. Maintaining focus will allow you to bring out the best of your potential, and enable you to come up with the best ideas and solutions for your business.

The decline in fortune of Apple’s business in the 1990s was due largely partly to the company’s management’s involvement in many unrelated business areas than Apple’s primary business. The company became profitable and vibrant again when Steve Jobs refocused Apple on what it knew how to do best: make desktop and portable Macintoshes for professional and consumer customers.

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