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FedEx Business Strategies

FedEx Business Strategies Here are strategies, key business decisions, and actions that have enabled FedEx to attain so much success in the relative short years of its existence, which you can, as business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, adopt. Finding a Profitable Niche The best way to get into business is to identify a niche with good profit potential,… Read More »

Samsung Business Strategies

Samsung Business Strategies Taking a simple trading business that Samsung was, from a local enterprise to a global leader in several industries, initially without crucial technologies, is no mean feat; it involves taking and implementing certain strategic decisions. Here are strategies that were key to the massive business success of Samsung over the decades, which you can adopt… Read More »

Halliburton Company Business Strategies

Halliburton Company Business Strategies Here are strategies which Halliburton employed in going from ground floor to one of the largest companies in the world. The idea is to adopt these strategies to your business and also experience great success. Setting Up Business Along Your Area Of Knowledge And Experience Your success in business is surer if it is… Read More »

McKesson Corporation’s Business Strategies

McKesson Corporation’s Business Strategies Here are the business strategies that have brought McKesson Corporation from a small shop to becoming the world’s largest wholesale distributor of healthcare products, and the 15th largest company in the world (according to Fortune 500). These strategies are universal and can be applied in all businesses with some adjustments. Identifying Sound Business Ideas… Read More »