Waste Collection Business Plan Writing and Samples

By | November 17, 15
Waste collection business

Waste Collection business does not only make profit, it helps in cleaning up the environment.

Waste Collection Business Plan Writing and Samples

How to start a waste collection business: This article provides useful tips on starting a waste collection business, and writing a business plan for it.

How to Start a Waste Collection Business

A waste collection business is not just a profitable business, but also a business that will benefit the community a great deal.

Without proper and timely waste removal, the community is in great health danger and an epidemic is not far away. The works of a waste collection organization helps in removing such wastes and keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Everybody generates waste at home. It will therefore not be difficult to get customers. The human population is equally increasing by the day and this puts you in business for as long as you want to remain in the waste collection industry.

You can establish your own waste business today without any hassle. Here are some of the steps you need to take to plan and start the business.

Prepare a business plan (see business plan samples to help you get started)

Your business plan enables you to keep in focus the goals and aspirations of the company. It should contain information on how you plan to run the business and how you hope to get all financial needs of the company settled.

You should also include in it what your short term and long term expansion plans are. The business plan stands as legal tender in the event that you need external financial help to run the business.

If you need guidance in writing a business plan, you can find free professionally prepared business plan templates online that you can study, and be able to write your own with the help of online tools.

Get legal permission

You require the legal permission from your state and local authorities to start a waste collection business. The authorities will provide you with hazardous waste license.

If the truth must be told, the process involved in this is somewhat complex. You may actually need the help of a consultant to give you advice on how to get it done.

The required application form is usually available on the websites of your state’s environmental protection agency. You are required to visit the website, fill the form and print it out, after which the form should be submitted to the authority’s office for processing.

You are required to submit the form along with the registration fee. After the license has been granted, you are completely free to start the business.

Advertise your business

You need customers for the business to thrive. This is why you must advertise your business via any legal means open to you. The best way to do this is to visit all households and companies that generate wastes.

Visit all the local authorities, engineering companies, pharmaceutical companies and aerospace companies within your locality and intimate them of your business plan.

It is possible they already have a waste disposal agency they are patronizing. However, you can win them over to your side by giving them an offer they cannot resist; beat down the price and give them better deal than the other service provider is giving them.

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Choose waste disposal outlets

After you must have collected your wastes, you need to dispose of them properly. The best way to do this is through disposal outlets. Many of them are located in your locality.

All you need to do is to link up with them in preparation for waste delivery. Make sure you work only with licensed waste disposal outlets. Never deal with any outlet if there is no evidence of proper licensing.

Learn about best practices in waste disposal

Your company needs to follow best practice in the way wastes are disposed. If you do not have much knowledge about this, you should take some time to learn about them. Some very important best practices you should imbibe will be highlighted below:

  • Clearly identify what the type and source of waste is
  • Properly complete the waste disposal documentations, like the transfer note, hazardous waste consignment notes and duty care note.
  • Look for a dully registered carrier that will help in transporting the wastes
  • Get the waste properly stored till the time they are moved to the appropriate landfill.
  • Get the waste disposed only at a facility that is duly licensed for that particular form of disposal.


Truth is that the waste collection business is a highly lucrative one. Yearly, the business is generating up to $75 billion in revenue. Truth is there are over 18,000 waste collection firms already established across the country.

This means the industry is already concentrated. It is also true that the lion share of the profit made in this industry is made by the top 50 waste collection companies in the industry.

The above findings are not intended to discourage you in your bid to establishing your business; rather, it is designed to open your eyes to realities and help you put your acts together towards overcoming the challenges in the industry.


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