Waste Management Business Plan Writing and Samples

By | November 18, 15
Waste management business plan

Waste management businesses help keep the environment healthy.

Waste Management Business Plan Writing and Samples

This article presents useful tips to help you start a waste management business, and to write a business plan for the project, which you can present to investors.

How to Start a Waste Management Business

About 100,000 individuals are already having employment in the waste management industry; this is according to a statistics released in May 2009 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry doles out some $46,170 to these Individuals as wages on annual basis.

This should tell you that there is money to be made in the waste management business. You should not hesitate any longer, but venture into the business today and watch the cash roll in.

The business may be challenging to set up from the start, but you will do well in it with the help provided in this written piece. So, how can you get started with a soft landing? Get the information you require below:

Write your business plan (see samples you can use)

This is the very first step to take when setting up the waste management business. The business plan is expected to describe what your cash flow would be. It should also describe any expansion plan you have for the future.

You are equally required to include the type of business entity you plan to set up. What is your general business procedure? This should also reflect in the business plan. You should provide a detailed explanation of the waste management industry you plan to set up.

Issues relating to licensing and regulations should also be included. The business plan must be professionally put together considering the fact that it can help attract investors into the business.

Need help writing a plan for the project? See samples of professionally designed business plans that you can get started with right away.

Get Employment Identification Number

This is the next step to take after professionally composing your business plan. The Internal Revenue Service will be responsible for providing you with the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and they can be contacted from their website at IRS.gov.

Why is this number important? The answer is that it can be used in establishing checking accounts, hiring employees and writing grant request.

Register the business

Next step is to get your business registered. The registration must be done on time with the Secretary of State’s office in your state. After proper registration, you will be given sales tax license and other licenses.

Not all states in the US however require the sales tax license. You will equally be given permit and industry-specific licenses after your company registration.
Negotiate landfill rates

The landfill rates are almost always calculated based on tons. Do not just swallow everything hook, line and sinker. Make effort to negotiate the price and beat it down as far as you can go.

Get a landfill

You need to consult with your state and local government landfill office, which is mostly located at the Environmental Protection Agency. They can provide you with information about the recycling effort you want to establish in that area.

Is there any federal grant promoting systemic recycling? Find a way to benefit from this. You may be able to get such grants in areas related to used-oil waste, electronic waste, and other high-need areas of waste management.

Find out about landfill policies

Meet with the landfill management in your local and state government offices and find out about available land full policies from them. This way, you will know what is acceptable and what is not.

The information you find out will determine instructions you will pass across to your clients about how and where to trash their wastes. Higher prices are usually set for car batteries, grass clippings and other such items. Some authorities equally forbid them.

Regarding this special case, you can decide to provide pickup services for the items separate from the usual items pickup.

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Get needed equipment

Certain equipment is required to get this job done. Firstly, you need to get a truck. You also need to get rolling trash carts. Other important acquisitions are a protective coverall, pair of thick hand gloves (preferably made of rubber), pair of goggles, gumboot and face mask.

Predetermine what your cost of service provision will be.

You can advertise your services locally, since your service is needed mostly in your locality. You can however extend your service provision beyond the scope of your locality as you progress.
Give your client the impression that you care about the environment and be ready to provide top line customer care services.


Make sure your target clients are in the know of your intention to provide waste management services in the city. You should also take some time to do feasibility study and find out about your competitors located within your locality.

Find out about their scope of service provision, their costs of service, as well as their customer services. You can use this intelligence to make your services better.



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