Piggery Business Plan Writing and Samples

By | November 16, 15
How to start a piggery business

You can start a successful piggery business from your backyard with a good business plan.

Piggery Business Plan Writing and Samples

How to start a piggery business: If you are thinking of starting a piggery business, here are some tips to make your business plan writing easy, and to ensure the success of the business. You will also find sample business plan that you can use in designing yours.

How to Start a Piggery Business

Without doubt, piggery business is serious and profitable business. The beauty of it is that you do not need much money or large piece of land to start it off; you can start right at your backyard for the time being.

That moderate space at the back of your home can be transformed to a temporary piggery and you will be racking in some cool profit in no time at all.

The process of raising pigs is simple and you do not need to be an expert in agriculture or animal sciences to get things done.

Everyone understands how nutritious and delicious pork can be and you will never have problem selling your pigs to both neighbors and other customers located far and near.

In starting a pig farm, it is better to buy the young pigs and raise them instead of breeding the young ones.

What are the advantages of buying young ones?

The advantages are revealed below.

  • You will get your investment on the business back in no time at all. You only require about one year to raise the pigs and start raking in the cash.
  • No need for the demanding management and highly specialized labor required in breeding the new ones.
  • No need to empty your bank account on halting operation, which would have been highly expensive if you had attempted to breed the young pigs.

What are the specific considerations you need to take note of before you start your piggery business? Now, we will look into some of the very important considerations you need to have when planning to startup a piggery business.

Writing a Business Plan (Here are free business plan templates to get you started)

To start any business whether small or large you will need to have a written plan for it. Your business plan will capture your expectation for every area of the business, including the production and marketing of the pigs.

The plan will reveal how profitable the business will be and what you need to do to make it so.

Writing a business plan can be a bit technical for most people, but studying some good samples can help in writing yours. You can also find websites where you can be guided to write your business plan on their online platform.

Choosing your location

There are some very important things you must consider when choosing the perfect location to set up your piggery. They are highlighted below:

  • The piggery is not supposed to be located in the urban area. It was hinted earlier that you can set up a piggery at your backyard. But this is only practicable if your home is in the outskirt of the city and not in the middle.
  • The piggery must be at least 25 meters from drinking water.
  • While your backyard may be used as the pig farm, the ideal place to use should be some 1000 m from any industrial, institutional, commercial, or residential area.
  • Each sow should occupy an area of 2.79 sq. m. More space should be provided for them as they grow in size. This is the more reason the piece of land used for establishing piggery should be large enough and also expandable.

How to construct pig house

  • The pigs grow with time. Therefore, their houses must be constructed to allow for this growth. If the house hampers growth, it may promote disease spread among the pigs.
  • If you have decided to set up the piggery at your backyard, then you can make use of ordinary nipa and bamboo to build their houses, since such construction would be temporal
  • Make sure the piece of land on which the pig house is built is somewhat sloppy. This promotes proper drainage and prevents the piece of land from getting muddy with time. Muddy piggery is not the best place to manage.
  • If the pig house you are building is intended to be permanent, make sure the floor is made of concrete and this will reduce parasitic infections and diseases and also promote easy cleaning. If the concrete floor is too hard however, it will cause leg and foot problems. It should also not be too smooth to prevent slip.

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Equipment and facilities

Facilities like drinking and feeding troughs are needed in the pig house. A number of materials can be used in making the troughs, but it is best to use concrete for constructing them. If there is no money for concrete construction, you can equally make use of truck or automobile tires that are cut in half.

Feeding the pigs

The feeding of the pigs should start when the sows are one week old. As they grow, make sure you change their food ration in accordance with their age. The ration change should be gradual; if not, their normal feeding behaviors may be altered.

Once they start feeding, allow up to two months to wean them. A starter ration should be used during this period. Do not give them a finisher ration until they are about 20 weeks old and weigh as much as 60 kg.

Health management

Make sure to always clean the equipment, pens, runways and building to ensure they are in constant good health. Also, make sure they are disinfected and sanitized on regular basis. When a new pig is brought in, first isolate or quarantine it before allowing it to join the rest.



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