Solid Waste Management Business Plan Writing and Samples

By | November 15, 15
Solid waste management companies help to free the environment of solid waste.

Solid waste management companies help to free the environment of solid waste.

Solid Waste Management Business Plan Writing and Samples

How to start a solid waste management business: Are you interested in starting a solid waste management business? If yes, this write-up shows a plan to get you started, you will also find business plan samples to help you prepare a solid business plan that investors will not resist. Read on:

How to Start a Solid Waste Management Business

The amount of solid waste produced by humans increases as the human population on earth increases. Solid waste accumulation puts the environment in grave health danger and it calls for the help of solid waste management companies.

These companies are set up to help remove the solid wastes and prevent the possible health complications their accumulation can cause.

The firms are responsible for collecting the solid wastes, compacting, and dropping them off at a far place where landfills are located.

Some solid waste management companies can go the extra mile to produce compost from the waste, provided such waste is biodegradable. They can also take their time to pick out the recyclable wastes among them for further processing.

Anyone can set up solid waste management business. However, you would require good information to prosper in this business. Do not forget that human population will continue to increase; consequently, a solid waste management company is sure to be a lucrative business.

Here is what you need to set up this business if you are interested in it.
What you need to start with

In order to start the solid wastes management business, you need three very important things; they are:

  • Business plan
  • Garbage truck
  • Landfill permit.

Start with a business plan (see samples of business plan here and create yours right away!)

Your journey to a prosperous and profitable business in solid waste management begins with a professionally composed business plan.

You need to identify the other companies involved in this business in your city, or locality. You also need to identify the possible threat they can pose to your business.

You must take the time to find out about the growth potentials and opportunities available to you in this business.

In your business plan, you will need to clearly state how you plan to thwart the possible threats from other players and overcome the competition.

You will need to also state how you plan to run the business and how you hope to get financial backing to start off.

If you need help in writing a plan for the business, you can find good business plan samples that you can study and use as a template when making your own.

Apply for business license

You will need a license to start off your waste management business in your locality. Many of the state and local authorities have forms available on their websites and you can easily visit the website to print out the licensing form for your state.

All you need to do is to print out the form and fill it appropriately, then submit it along with the stated application fee. You should visit the state or local authorities’ office and request for the form in the event it is not available online.

Look around for disposal landfill

The county commissioner should be able to help you out with list of licensed recycling and disposal facilities. Take some time to review the drop-off and pickup requirements for the particular landfill that you have chosen among the ones on the list.

The county commissioner should also provide you with a list of banned or hazardous materials that are not permitted in that particular landfill.

Compile a list of these banned items and give same to your clients. You must ensure you use a garbage truck that will not allow the wastes to spill along the way.

Also, make sure the latches and doors are well closed from the point of pickup to the drop-off point.

Waste disposal permits

You may need at least two waste disposal permits; one for storing the collected wastes at your facility until you have disposed of them at the landfill, while you use the other to transport the waste.

You will be required to fill the environmental protection agency application form and follow the other registration requirements as stated by your state authorities.

You will be required to provide your landfill information and your business information. You may also need to obtain specialized license in the event that you have specialty in particular areas of solid waste management, like oil contaminated soil or yard compost.

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Get a waste pick-up truck

You can either rent the truck or buy it. But if you decide to buy it, make sure you contact those manufacturing them directly. If you do not have the money for a new one, you can go for fairly used one that is still in very good working condition.

You may need to temporarily employ a mechanic to help check out the truck before you buy, that is, if you are buying a fairly used truck.

Advertise your business

You should endeavor to advertise your business in your community newsletters. Make sure your advertisement and marketing moves cover the entire community or city in which your service will be provided.

You can hire a video production company to help produce a short video about your services, since people tend to believe such videoed stories more.



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