Food Delivery Service Business Plan: How to Start a Profitable Food Delivery Business

By | May 19, 18
Food delivery service business

You can easily start a food delivery service business and make it a success by applying the right information.

Food Delivery Service Business Plan: How to Start a Profitable Food Delivery Business

If you are interested in starting a profitable food delivery service business, this post will guide you on what to do to start it off and run it to success.

Many Americans are compelled to eat outside their homes for many reasons; it can be due to work demands or simply out of pleasure.

A study had it that up to 60% of the monies spent on food by Americans are spent on food eaten outside the home.

Such foods are either taken at the restaurants or are delivered from the restaurants to these consumers. This is to say that 60% of Americans prefer not to cook at home but patronize restaurants.

This confirms the fact that food delivery service business can be profitable. Many grocery stores are already established to meet the needs of these people and you too can set up your own grocery store or restaurant to get your cut out of this huge and profitable business.

How can you start a food delivery service business and make good profit out of it?

Some of the very important things you must keep in mind will be discussed below.

Compose a business plan

Your business plan must be professional and well detailed in your best interest. If you need assistance in writing a professional business plan on the food delivery service business, you can work with some business plan templates to make it easier and faster producing it.

Some of the information expected in the business plan includes:

  • Why you are interested in this business
  • What skills you have that can make the business a success
  • What percentage of the start up capital you have
  • How much understanding, skill and knowledge you have about the business and about the competition involved
  • Do you have what it takes to make headway in the midst of competitors?
  • What are the specific things you can do to overcome your competitors?
  • Where is your intended location?
  • What is your area of coverage?
  • What kind of food do you intend to serve and who are your intended clients?

These are just few of the things you must keep in mind while writing the business plan. In the event that you will require some financial support in form of loan or grant to start or expand the business in the future, you can get such assistance if your business plan is truly professional.

How to get finances

Government small business grants and loans are accessible to any intended person thinking of starting a small business.

You can only access such financial help if your business plan is well composed. The business plan gives the lender or financier a clear indication of how serious or otherwise you are regarding the business you plan to start.

To access loans from banks, you will be taken through lots of procedures and protocols before you are able to get the loan you request from them. They also may not give you loan if you do not have collateral.

Bank loans can equally take very long time before they get approved. This is never the case with lending houses, which do not request for collateral or ask you to fill out backlog of forms.

They do not take months or years to grant you loan or charge you high interest rate. Many of the lending houses will grant you the required loan even if your credit score is very low.

Licensing and permits

You will require food-vending license and general business license in order to start this business.

You may also be required to get food-handling permit before you can establish the business. The local departments of license and inspections can provide the needed information on these permits and licenses.

In order to get details about the local requirements on food-handling permits and vending licenses, you need to contact the local health departments.


No one can ever tell; it is possible someone gets sick after consuming your food, irrespective of how very careful you were in the course of handling and preparing the food.

You need to go for insurance policy so as to protect your personal assets if the affected person decides to file a lawsuit against you. You must get business liability insurance against such times.

What is your business structure?

While planning the business, you need to decide on whether to go for partnership or sole proprietorship.

Sole proprietorship does not however offer you adequate coverage in the event you are faced with lawsuit, but it is the easiest to opt for in the food delivery service business.

In the event you are confused on which to go for, you can consult a business attorney to help out in making your choice.

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Equipment and supplies

You need a means of transport to get your food across to your clients. The vehicle must be reliable, even if it is not expensive.

You can even use your personal vehicle to run the business pending the time you can get a better one. The vehicle must however be big enough and also be in good working condition.


If you are looking for a profitable small business to invest in, the food service delivery is one you can look at.

This post shows and explains the important things you need to put in place to start and run it successfully.