10 Best Marketing Ideas for your Small Restaurant Business

By | May 25, 18
Marketing ideas for small restaurant business

You can quickly grow your small restaurant business by applying effective marketing ideas.

10 Best Marketing Ideas for your Small Restaurant Business

Looking for the best marketing ideas to grow your small restaurant business, so you could increase sales and achieve your goals? If that is your desire, then we have done the time to research and present to you some of the best ideas you can apply.

But first, let’s look at some of the benefits you can get from running effective marketing campaigns in your small restaurant business:

1. Increased customer base and sale: Many people struggle in business, restaurant owners make a sizeable number of that lot, effective marketing campaigns will help you achieve high customer volume and good sales better than 90 percent others who have a restaurant to run.

2. Increased brand value: Another benefit of running great marketing campaigns is that the brand value of your business will shoot to the heavens. Since the value of a brand is about perception, how about launching your brand into the minds of your prospects and turning them into repeat customers and loyal fans?

3. Fast growth: By running successful marketing campaigns, your small restaurant can become a fast food chain very fast. If it is your dream to grow and spread your business across a wide geography, then you really need proven marketing ideas to apply in creating successful campaigns.

Now, to help you take your restaurant business from the small level it is today to growing and expanding it into various territories, here are proven marketing ideas you can use:

Top 10 Marketing Ideas for a Successful Restaurant Business

1. Promoting a Star Menu: A star menu is that menu that gets more positive praise than the rest of what your restaurant offers.

Do people love your chicken more than at any other place they have tried before? Or is it the ice cream?

Promote your most praised menu and give others a reason to try it, and if it lives up to expectation and even exceeds it, you may just have turned the first timer to a lifetime customer.

Promoting your star menu is an effective marketing idea that helps you to grow your small restaurant business quickly.

2. Building a Mobile-friendly Website/App: A website with the added benefit of an app is one way to stay on the mind of your customers especially when they download your app on their mobile.

Your icon on their phone reminds them of your brand and it should launch them straight to your website by a tap of the finger, revealing a treat of exciting foods that can be ordered on the spot.

You can encourage your prospects/customers to download your app by offering them some incentives.

3. Social media: You want to be on social media, because most of your future customers are there. This provides a great marketing opportunity. By getting an account on the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you want to ensure that your social media pages are kept fresh with updates, developments, and photos that will convert brand impressions to brand engagements.

The more people engage with your brand on social media, the more foot traffic will get through your restaurant door.

4. Logo: A memorable logo is an important marketing asset, especially when it rides on an equally good business name. Your logo should be exciting. It should radiate colors easily associated with food, and of course, it should be unique so it can adequately speak well for your brand

5. Timed Tweets: Take advantage of Twitter by sending out timed tweets at specific times of the day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner times are special times that are marked by your tweets.

This is a great way to market your restaurant. Your tweets serve as a useful reminder. Be consistent with your timed tweets and before long people begin to associate your tweets as a call to stop by for a meal.

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6. Delivery Service: One way to effectively market your restaurant is the delivery arm of your business. We are in the age where people want home or office service and you don’t want to lag behind.

Your delivery bike should be well branded with your company colors and visual offerings, including the kit for the driver.

Many eyes will notice your brand in that way and will be open to the opportunity to try out your meals.

7. Offering Coupons and Discounts: People love gifts and you can increase sales by offering coupons and discount to encourage repeat purchase.

Sit down and design a coupon and discount offer that will be mutually perceived as a win-win for you and your customers.

8. Using influencers: Reward your most loyal customers with a new status – influencers. Let them take the word out why others should give your place a try, and you can offer them some incentive, remember the incentive does not have to be expensive but thoughtful.

9. Instagram: A good marketing idea you can implement right away in your business is to get most of your customers to post their meals on Instagram and give your restaurant a mention.

You can jump on an existing hashtag or be creative by developing one of your own; take advantage of the fact that people love to take pictures of their food.

10. Using Google My Business: As more people turn to the Internet for information, one way to bring your service closer to people is by being listed on “Google My Business” (GMB).

Google my business is a free service that gets people to see your restaurant address, hours of service, phone number, busy time of the day, and customer reviews.

In today’s world where attention is scarce, being seen is a huge part of getting paid.

So there you have it, 10 of the best marketing ideas for growing a small restaurant business that you can apply to your business right away. You are sure to see significant growth in your restaurant faster than you can imagine.