Achieving Your Goals In 2010

By | January 8, 10

Achieving Your Goals In 2010

Happy New Year! And welcome to 2010.

I believe you will be more successful in your finances, health, career, relationship, and other areas of your life where you need success this year. I’m confident about this even though I don’t know you personally because for you to be reading my blog today, it means you have been searching for how you can achieve your goals for a successful life.

It means you are ready to make the necessary changes to your life that would enable you achieve the life you desire.

And I know that if you apply what I will be sharing with you shortly, you will definitely be able to achieve a great deal of your goals this year, if not all, than you have previously been able.

At this time of a new year it is important you take a moment out and take a critical look at the passing year. In fact, you should get the piece of paper where you wrote out your goals – what you were going to achieve in 2009.

Go through the list and mark the items you achieved partially or completely. From this exercise you will see how much of your goals you were able to achieve in the year, and what you couldn’t achieve.

Also, get the second piece of paper where you detailed the specific steps you would be taking to achieve the goals. Again, mark the ones you actually took.

Taking a look at the two pieces of paper, it will be clear to you why you couldn’t achieve some goals, and why you were able to accomplish others. From the actions you took, and the result you got, you would have discovered what works, which you can build on. You would also have discovered what doesn’t work, which you will avoid in the next plan.

This review of your last goals performance is very helpful as it provides you valuable information to help you achieve bigger success in the coming year.

If you didn’t write down your goals for 2009, or haven’t been writing down your goals for the year, as well as the actionable steps to realizing them, I encourage you to begin with this year’s.

For many years now after I discovered the power of writing down one’s goals, including the strategies or ways to achieving them, I have always made it a point of duty to do it at the beginning of each year, and I can assure you I have been able to achieve a lot more of my goals each year.

It works almost like magic, and the reason is simply that when you put your goals in writing, you are unconsciously committing yourself to achieving them. And by reading this paper frequently, like weekly, the commitment becomes stronger, causing you to pull in whatever is needed to realizing it. You will never get such commitment and focus to making your goals a reality if you only have them in your mind and not on a paper.

As a matter of fact, the process of writing down the actionable or practicable steps you will be taking involves brainstorming. This helps you to generate quality ideas, which you can pursue to realize the goal.

I really recommend you start doing this if you haven’t.

Get two clean sheets of paper. On one, write down your goals – a list of all you want to achieve in the year – financial, health, relationship, career, etc. On the other paper, write down what you will be doing to achieve each of the goals on the first paper.

For instance, if one of your goals on Paper A is to make monthly income of $10,000, then you should brainstorm and write on Paper B what you need to do to make it possible for you to earn $10,000 in a month. It could be to change your job, do more jobs, start a business, expand your business or add new businesses.

If you act on what you have on Paper B, you will be on your way to achieving the goals you have set. You may not achieve all of them, but you will surely achieve a good degree of them. And you can work on the areas you didn’t achieve much success in your next year’s plan.

I didn’t fully achieve all my goals for last year, but looking at my two Papers, I don’t need anyone to tell me why it is so. I can see for myself that I had too many actionable steps, and I tried to implement all.

But I couldn’t fully implement any of them to completely realize their benefits.

So this year, I’m reducing my activities for reaching my goals, and I’m focusing only on those activities that have proven to work. I will commit more time, energy, financial and material resources to those activities.

Since I have seen some level of success from those activities last year, even though I didn’t give them enough attention, I’m sure I will get much more result by channeling more of my resources to them. It is easier and surer to achieve goals this way.

When you have found what works, then things become easier. The wisest thing you then have to do is to scale it by investing more into it.

I recommend you do the same this year. Identify the actionable steps that worked to some measure in reaching your goals last year, and work on them solely this year -commit more of your time and money to them.

If a certain business brought you $1,000 a month last year, and your goal this year is to make $10,000 a month, it will be more profitable to work on that business, and expand it to be able to make $10,000 monthly, instead of adding a different business. By this you will be stretching your business to its full potential.

You may need to take some courses or learn from experts so as to gain the knowledge and expertise you need to take your business to a higher level. The investment is well worth it.

Again, I wish you a wonderful New Year, and pray you achieve your all your goals!

Please I will like to hear from you. Share with other readers about your goals this year, and how much of your last year’s goals you were able to achieve.

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