Online Money-making Opportunities: Avoid Online Data Entry Jobs

By | May 20, 08

Online Money-making Opportunities: Avoid Online Data Entry Jobs

One of the questions I have been receiving frequently in recent times from people is whether they should go in for online data entry jobs. This is not surprising considering the kind of promises advertisers of data entry jobs usually make to visitors to their sites to entice them to part with their money.

They claim that simply by entering data online you will be able to make the kind of money you may never be able to make on in months on your day job. The amount of money they usually say one could make from doing data entry jobs goes into thousands of dollars daily. Their websites and sales copies are highly captivating to grab the mind of anyone who reads them.

And because one the most powerful urges of humans is to make money or more of it, it is very likely that most people would want to do data entry job immediately it gets to their notice.

Another powerful line they use in making people to be desperate to want to try data entry job is their assertion that data entry jobs will not stop them from doing their day job. That is, they can still continue to earn income from their present job.

The above assertions are very compelling indeed. Anyone could easily fall for it, after all who doesn’t want to make lots of money or increase their income and also have the time for themselves?

But online data entry jobs are not as the promoters make them to look. They are actually scams!

In order to find out the truth about this data entry job of a thing I decided to sign up for it some time ago and I did with a site known as [I suspect they have pulled down their site now after duping a lot of people]. As usual they promised they had loads of data entry jobs waiting for someone to do for them and get paid, and that I would make tones of money in a day, week, etc depending on how many entries I was able to make. They even promised a money back guarantee if I didn’t make the money they said I would make. According to them they only needed people to pay some money to join them in the first place in order to get only serious members.

And did I make any money? Far from it! To my disappointment, after I had signed up with $45 I was now given a different data entry job description from what they said it was at the beginning.

This time around, with my money safely tucked away in their pocket or wherever, I was told the data entry job I was going to do to earn money would be to find free classified ads on the Internet and enter a certain ad in them, and that when anyone responded to it and it is certified genuine, then I would make a dollar. That if I could get 100 genuine responses a day that’s $100 for me, and so on. Therefore, my wealth was now in my own hands.

This is how the so called online data entry job promoters operate. They are fraudsters! You will never be able to get any response from the ads and painfully you will waste hours upon hours trying to find free classified ad sites to enter the ads in until you become frustrated and give up. And don’t ever think you will get your money back, they never honor their words.

Please whenever you see any data entry job advert, including the ones that may appear on this page, dangling the prospect of making tones of money in your eyes, run away!

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