Google AdSense Money: Are You Part of the $270 million Google Pays Its AdSense Publishers Monthly?

By | May 18, 08

Google AdSense Money: Are You Part of the $270 million Google Pays Its AdSense Publishers Monthly?

For a long time now I have known that people are making money by taking part in Google’s advertising program known as Google AdSense, but I didn’t realize the money was quite massive.

Recently, I read something from Joe Comm about how much money he is making from Google AdSense. If you don’t know Joe Comm, he is the acclaimed master of Google AdSense. Presently this guy rakes in more than $25, 000 monthly from Google’s AdSense program. Can you believe that? It’s true, he even showed his Google AdSense account statement.

I am not trying to sell Joe Comm here – far from it – actually, I’m using him to emphasize the fact that loads of money are available to be made online from Google AdSense. If Google is paying out that much monthly it means people like you and I are living their dreams on Google.

I admit I make money too from Google AdSense, but finding out this huge amount been paid out, I’m reorganizing myself to increase the size of my income from this online giant money tree. And come to think of it, as more and more individuals and corporations are turning to the Internet to advertise their products and services, Google, the clear leader of all online advertising media will continue to make more money for itself and its AdSense publishers.

So if you are already taking part in Google AdSense, you may want to follow my step by working on increasing your income. And one of the things you will have to do to achieve this is to increase the number of websites you have. You will not be able to make big money from Google AdSense with just one site. But with a number of sites pulling in money, by the time you sum them up, you will be surprised how much money you are making at the end of the month from Google AdSense.

Another surprise you will pleasantly observe is that it doesn’t cost you an arm to own a collection of websites. If you look in here, you will see what I mean.

If you haven’t joined in sharing Google’s AdSense money, I encourage you to come on board. It’s easy, here in a nutshell are what to do to become a Google AdSense publisher:

You need to have a website or blog. Although you can find a free site to use for Google AdSense, it is always better to own one and have full possession of it. Like I said before it is very cheap and convenient to own a site. Again you can take a look here.

Then you need to post a couple of articles on your site.

After you have done that, you can now go to a to sign up for the Google AdSense, it’s free.

Once you have successfully signed up to participate in the Google AdSense program, you can now set up your AdSense code, which you will insert wherever position you wish in your website. When that is done, Google ads will instantly begin to show on your site and you are on your way to start making money from Google AdSense.

When a visitor to your site clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged a certain amount depending on the level of bidding on the keyword that was clicked on. Some clicks may only pay a few cents while others may pay several dollars. This money is shared between Google and you, which will show in your AdSense account.

As you can see, your income is not limited. The more visitors come to your site and click on the ads by Google, your Adsense earnings mount up. This will definitely increase if you build more sites, as well as if the topic of your site attracts high biddings. However, don’t fall into the temptation of clicking the ads yourself or asking people to click on them. Google will know and your AdSense account will be closed – am sure you wouldn’t want to be left out of the mouth watering Google ASense money available!

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