Waste Recycling Business Plan: Steps to Starting a Waste Recycling Plant

By | December 26, 15
Waste recycling business plan

Waste Recycling Business helps to keep the environment clean and provides cheap raw materials for some industries.

Waste Recycling Business Plan: Steps to Starting a Waste Recycling Plant

How to Start a Waste Recycling Business

Starting a waste recycling business provides the best way to generate raw materials for certain industries cheaply, and also to keep the environment healthy.

Authorities around the world are getting more serious about going green. There is the need to keep the environment clean and livable for everyone.

Clean environment makes life more meaningful and productive. Waste on the street leads to health hazards.

Even wastes dumped improperly on dump sites do not make things better.

This is why waste recycling is a lucrative business and you can venture into it with assurance of making a success of it.

If you are interested in starting this business, you will find the information we are about to share with you here useful, it will guide you aright on how to get started and also progress in the business. Here we go:

Starting a Waste Recycling Business

Here are steps to take when thinking of starting a waste recycling business:

Writing a business plan (see business plan samples to help in writing yours)

You need to put together a written plan for the business. The business plan will contain information on your company in summary.

It should also contain information on your market survey to show how much knowledge you already have about the business itself and your competitors.

You need to provide good information regarding your sales forecast; how much you think you will need to start, and how much you would have generated at given periods of time in the future.

You are also required to provide information on how you plan to sell your business to the public, who may already have waste recycling outlets they are dealing with.

Your current financial standing and any additional amount of money you think you will need to start off must also be stated in the business plan.

Writing a business plan can be made easier by using professionally written templates, and also by using good software that help in creating business plan online.

How to get financing

Various sources of funds are available for your planned waste recycling business. You can save up for the business by yourself and you can go for loans.

Some organizations are available in each of the states across the United States willing to provide loans and you can link up with any of the recycling loan programs.

Some also provide small business credit initiatives that you can benefit from. The federal government also provide grants and financing for recycling businesses.

Bank loans may not be attractive due to high interest rate. But other sources of financing will help remove the pressure of establishing the business.

Some outlets also provide financing for various equipment required to start the business.

Some of these outlets can allow you to lease the trucks and other things required for the business.

Consider the rules and regulation

Before you ever start the business, consider the rules and regulation regarding waste recycling business in your state and county.

It is in your best interest to be on the right side of the law in this matter. Certain rules are attached to certain form of wastes.

After determining the kind of waste you want to recycle, you must also know the stringent rules attached to that particular type of waste.

Such rules must be considered, even if the waste is not hazardous. You are required to get license from the authorities.

You need to register the business with the authorities, who will grant you the license. In the course of registration, you will be required to provide information on the volume of waste you have the capability to handle, the kind of material you plan to handle, and the type of business you want to run (sole proprietorship or partnership).

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Other important considerations

Health and safety considerations are equally very important. As your business grows, you need to pay even more attention to these health issues.

You are required also to provide information on number of staff you will employ and how many more staff members you may need as the business grows.

While registering the business, you must tick the health and safety boxes on the registration form. If you do not, your license may not be approved.

Four important areas to consider while registering the business are:

  • Waste legislation
  • Planning consent
  • Legislation dealing regarding carrying and transporting the waste and
  • Health and safety.

Proper handling of wastes

Before you deal with any organization to help them dispose of their wastes for proper recycling; you must consider the following

  • The outlet must have Duty of Care, which requires the outlet to properly and safely dispose of their wastes pending pick up. The Duty of Care extends till the waste had been disposed or recycled.
  • The outlet must ensure their waste only get to the right recycling outlet even after handling it over to you. They also have a duty to ensure the wastes are properly disposed.
  • They must attach a written description for the waste being handed over to you to enable avoidance of improper disposal by you or any other person.



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