Consultancy Business Plan: Steps to Starting and Succeeding in the Business

By | December 28, 15
Consultancy business plan

Consultancy business is great for professionals with lots of experience.

Consultancy Business Plan: Steps to Starting and Succeeding in the Business

Starting a consultancy business is quite ideal for experienced professionals. This post shows you what you need to put in place to start and succeed in the business, including writing an effective business plan for it.

How to Start a Consultancy Business

It is a normal thing for a consulting professional to want to start his or her own consulting services business.

It is always a nice idea to be your own boss and not work under someone else anymore. This gives you more freedom, and also ensures you dictate the tune of the business and get to keep all the profits.

You will also be the only one getting all the popularity. Do you think consultancy business is easy, glamorous and sexy?

You have got to think again. Setting it up requires lots of efforts and sacrifices. However, it is always profitable if you can successfully scale all the hurdles.

Here are the steps you can take to start this business without much ado and scale the hurdles successfully.

Write a business plan (see business plan samples in various industries to use)

Before you start out, first put your plan for the business into writing.

  • How do you plan to start?
  • Why do you even think this business is right for you?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • What are your dreams, goals and aspirations in the consultancy services?
  • Which aspect of consultancy services do you want to venture into?
  • How much do you think you will require to kick start the business with?
  • How much of this start up capital do you have available?
  • How do you plan to get the required financing to foot the rest of the bill?
  • How do you plan to outwit competitors and build your brand out of obscurity?

The above are some of the many questions you are required to provide answers to in the business plan. Your business plan can help you get funding for the business if you write it well.

If you need assistance in writing a business plan, you can use free samples and online business plan writing software to make it.

Sourcing funding

In the event you do not have the money to start off the business or you need to get additional fund for expansion, you can approach banks for loan.

You can equally approach many of the lending houses out there for the required loan? Lending houses demand for lower interest rate on loans compared with banks.

The government equally make grants available for small businesses and you can approach relevant government agencies and register for such grants.

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How to succeed in the business?

There are very important requirements your consultancy business must meet in order to be successful. Some of these are highlighted below:

  • Register your business and pay all required fees in line with the county, state, and federal laws.
  • Make sure your website is functional and active. This will surely increase the faith of your clients in your business. Do not forget that many clients would want to link up with you online.
    Make sure the website is easy to navigate and also include your contact address to enable your clients to easily reach you. You will attract lots of clients in no time if you make live chat available on your website.
  • You should choose a rather unique way to market your services. Look for something captivating, intriguing, and enticing and you will find your client base mounting in no time.
    Your unique marketing strategy will enable you outdo your competitors. It is all about presentation. The way you present the business to the public will determine if you make headway in the long run or not.
  • You must be very careful how you spend too. Spend wisely and very carefully. Make sure your overhead is kept as low as possible. This will enable you save enough on the business and also quicken your expansion plans.
  • Client is king in every business; this one is inclusive. It is your utmost duty to keep your clients happy all the time if you are to succeed in this business. While it may be somewhat impossible to keep all your clients happy, make sure that at least 90% of them walk out of your office, log out of your website, or get off the phone in complete satisfaction.

Know your competitors

You have got to know your competitors and fully understand them if you are to make a success of this business.

You should know their strengths and their weaknesses. Try to improve on your consultancy services to meet up to what your competitors are providing.

Know your competitors’ limitations and weaknesses and try to hit them there so as to give your own business better and stronger standing.

If your competitors have poor customer service, you can win their clients to your side by providing top class customer service that will get the client stuck to you for life.



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