How to Grow your Cleaning Business Fast

By | June 21, 18
Grow your cleaning business

You can start your cleaning business on a small scale, but with some ideas, you can grow it to a multimillion dollar enterprise.

How to Grow your Cleaning Business Fast

To ensure the success of your cleaning business, you need to have a plan for growing it and immediately start implementing the plan right from the launch of the business.

If you have a cleaning service and you want to grow it to the next level, this post shows you some of the best ideas you can implement to get the fast result that you desire.

10 Ways to Grow a Cleaning Business Quickly

1. Be Professional6

Professionals are called so because they get the job done from the customers’ point of view, what do they really think of your service?
Good? Okay? Exceptional? World class?
As a business, you should aim for exceptional and world class. How do you do that? You can do this by asking your clients to rate your service on a scale of 1 and 10.

Rankings between 6 and below mean you have a lot of work to do and you can start by asking the respondents the areas you need to improve on.

A rating of 8 means you are doing well but there might be a little detail you have not yet covered.

A rating of 9 and 10 should be aimed for consistently; always use your rating to fix problems in the nipping stage.

2. Create a Referral Program

Creating a referral program that offers incentives to your current customers to spread the word about your cleaning business is a fast way to grow your cleaning business.

Your offer should be enticing enough to get people communicating with their network, leading to new clients and fast growth.

A referral program combined with excellent service is sure to get you new clients that will retain your service.

3. Knock on doors

There is nothing compared to the effectiveness of word of mouth marketing in growing your cleaning service.

You head to a building complex that hosts many offices. There is a waiting opportunity when you knock on doors announcing the advantages of your cleaning services and why clients should try your business.

4. Brand your Vehicles

Your vehicles for moving around should be well branded to display key information and an enticing offer to get people to call the numbers they see and take you up on your offer.

Whether you want to provide the first service for a whopping discount or whatever offer for first time client you come up with, you should make it appetizing.

Your vehicle should display your company colors, contact details, phone numbers, (easy to remember phone numbers) and website.

5. Take care of employees

How you treat your employees will come out at the other end of your overall customer service, which can affect the growth of your business.

A shabby treatment of your staff may cause them to produce poor performances on their jobs sooner than later.

In the end, your employees wonder “What’s the point of investing much effort when the business owner doesn’t really care about me?”.

You should guard against that and ensure that there is a warm, respectful, and friendly culture in your organization.

6. Investment in pieces of equipment

Almost every business needs some form of technology and the cleaning business is no exception. Ask yourself what simple technology that is out there, that will help your business.

You should consider investing in smart technology that provides faster and better cleaning service; hopefully, such equipment doesn’t cost much.

7. Start a blog

Starting a blog to grow your cleaning business is a right thing to do. This helps you stay above your competitors that don’t have one.

With a blog, you can demonstrate your passion and expertise in your industry. Use your blog to address topics that people care about.

Having a blog should not be for its sake, but must complement your overall marketing effort to onboard new clients.

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8. Network

You can also grow your cleaning business by partnering with complementary businesses like real estate firms and homebuilders – getting your hands on a new homeowner’s mailing list will be useful.

Make contact with the list and give them a reason to try your service. Make them an offer that can lower their purchasing resistance.

Whatever offer you make them should be well thought out. Make sure it impacts your business favorably in both the long and short-term. Join community events and be a part of trade shows.

9. Volunteer

One way to get massive publicity for free for your business is to volunteer to do a free service, maybe as a way of giving back to the community or for the public relations side of things.

Voluntary service puts your business in front of a receptive audience, and that affords an opportunity to get noticed, not to mention that people love it when you bring out the human side of your business.

10. Grows your Online Presence

Whether you know it or not, most of your customers are online, and you can grow your cleaning business by growing your online presence.

Start by getting an account on the major platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The banner, ID, and description on your page should be professional. It is not too costly to run an ad online.

You can do it on a shoestring budget; spending a small amount of money to land new clients is a smart thing to do.


After starting your cleaning business, the next phase is to grow it to a multimillion or even billion dollar business.

To achieve this dream, you can apply the ideas presented in this post; you can be sure of seeing your small cleaning business experiencing a fast growth.