How to Grow your Advertising Agency Fast

By | June 18, 18
How to grow your advertising Agency

By applying certain ideas, you can quickly grow your advertising agency.

How to Grow your Advertising Agency Fast

Do you run an advertising agency and are looking for how to grow it fast? If you are, then this post will give you useful ideas to take your business to a higher level.

When starting an advertising business, it is important to have a plan to continually grow and increase its profitability.

This will make the business better placed to meet the needs of its customers and to provide better returns to its owners.

Top 8 Ways to Grow an Advertising Agency Fast

1. Pick a Niche

Are you all things to all people? One of the fears some businesses have is they think they restrict themselves when they pick a niche.

But nothing can be further from the truth. By picking a niche, you will be sending a very strong signal that is clearly different from the noise made by the rest of the park.

By picking a niche, you offer a deeper level of service for the group you are primed to serve. So what is your niche? Who are you advertising for, the more specific your business is the better.

2. You need a growth plan

Your growth plan should have a few things in place. First, a clear sales target: how many clients do you hope to land in a month, in a quarter, and the year?

Go ahead and pick a number. From your sales target, how many leads would you have to make, from which some will convert and make your sales target possible?

Leads are those interested in your offering and have the purchasing power to back it up if they are convinced enough.

The growth plan makes everything manageable. Of course, you will make some adjustment as you go. But having no plan at all is simply planning to fail.

No written plan just means you are reactive to situations and not being proactive.

3. Develop a sales funnel

A well-designed sales funnel will definitely decide if you will grow your advertising agency or not. A sales funnel is a well-documented journey that a prospect goes through before they make a purchase decision.

While at each stage of the funnel, you know the appropriate interaction to make to move the prospect to the next and further down until they make that purchase, and even after the purchase, you have an after sale support that is also a part of your sales funnel.

4. Guest blogging

Another way to grow your small advertising business is through guest blogging.

Involving in guest blogging is a powerful way to reach out to prequalified prospects that you know your stuff. How do you do that?

You do so by posting deep and valuable content on blogs as a guest blogger. When small business owners consume your content and find it valuable, and need help with advertising, you will likely be contacted.

As a guest blogger, there is a link on your page that leads them to your website. It’s on your website they can reach you and do business with you.

5. Website

It is almost unthinkable to claim to have a business and not have a strong presence online. Having an online presence starts with a website.

You don’t just need a website because everyone else has a website. No! The purpose of a website goes far beyond that; a website represents how you are perceived.

It is the first place people go to when they want to learn more about you. Your brand begins with the quality of your website. It must be functional and professional – attributes that make prospects believe they can trust your business.

6. Client-staff training

Sometimes, an advertising agency needs to do more than advertising, it needs to check if the client has what it takes to receive the massive number of prospects that will call or email as a result of the advertisement.

Some clients will need their team trained on how to lead a prospect through the sales until the purchase is made.

This takes some training, and as an advertising agency, this is another service that will help you grow as a business.

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7. Social Media

Social media is here to stay and you are losing out if you are not taking advantage of that platform. You need to be on social media as it is a formidable platform for client attraction.

You start out by being well set up; you need to have a professional looking banner, fill your service description and all other little details.

Treat your social media platform like an office to receive prospects and then attracting them by growing your followers and friends.

Make sure they are prequalified. You don’t want to add people that have no interest in advertising.

8. Use Case Studies

One powerful way to promote and grow your advertising business is to build case studies from satisfied clients.

Case studies help lower inhibitions that many people have about trying your service. The case studies help to demonstrate that you can deliver on your promise.


Growing your advertising business is something you really need to do to take it to the big league and ensure its success. The ideas provided in this post will help you achieve this.