How to Grow your Accounting Business Fast

By | June 13, 18
Grow accounting business

You can easily and quickly grow your accounting business by implementing the right ideas.

How to Grow your Accounting Business Fast

To succeed in your accounting business, you will need to have a plan and strategies to grow it fast from a small business into a giant enterprise that has presence in all parts of the country and beyond.

To help you achieve your goal of growing your business, this post has highlighted 10 easy and proven ways that you can apply right away.


10 Best Ways to Grow your Accounting Business

1. Have an entrepreneurial mindset

Many businesses don’t grow from being small because the owners are afraid to handle more responsibilities beyond their current comfort zone.

If this describes you, then you need to have your mind reset. Remember the purpose of business is to find and keep customers, and that means as the CEO of your business, you must prepare yourself (mind and skill set) and your business for growth.

2. Have a client list

It is amazing that a lot of businesses don’t have a customer list. They are simply losing out on one of the most potent ways of growing a business.

When effectively used, your client list can enable you to build strong customer loyalty, increases sales, and grow quickly.

One of the ways to maximize your list is to group it in such a way that clients that deserve more of your time and attention get it.

A client list or database also helps you upsell more services to your current customers. When you have a list, you don’t want to play small; don’t make the mistake of maintaining a limited database of prospective clients. Do everything to grow your list.

3. Build a brand that stands out

An exciting and friendly brand starts with your company name, tagline, slogan, company colors, call cards, website, and every other thing that makes an impression on a prospect.

You want to create an impression and reputation that is dominant and favorable. Let prospects get the message that you are operating a professional accounting firm that knows its stuff, which they will enjoy working with.

4. A budget for your marketing campaign

If the purpose of business is to find and keep customers, then it means the heart of a business is marketing.

Does your firm take marketing seriously? If you are serious about marketing, it will reflect in your budget. Do the needful in amassing the resources you need to attract the right clients.

5. Create a referral program

You can also grow your accounting business by developing a referral or affiliate program that will get your current clients and other interested individuals such as bloggers and website publishers to recommend your services.

A smart referral program puts the word out there that your company is worth giving a try. The referral program should have a thoughtful incentive that will get people reaching out to their friends, families, and networks to patronize your services.

You will be able to get your business exposed to more of your target audience and sell more of your products with an effective and trusted referral or affiliate program.

6. Outsource certain services

If you observe that administration work is costing your business a lot of money, then it makes sense to outsource the admin side of things, so your firm can concentrate on the accounting work.

Outsourcing should help you save money and time, which you can then apply in other areas to grow the business.

So, take a good assessment of your business to discover areas you can outsource.

7. Use the social media

One way to attract clients to your business is to get seen and noticed. This is where growing a strong presence on the social media is not a “nice to have” but a “must have” thing.

A dominant presence on the social media helps your brand value; it engenders trust and speaks of your professionalism.

Some of the platforms to build a strong presence on for an accounting business include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Instagram. The first three are highly recommended as they have been proven to be effective in growing business.

8. Have a website

You need a website, not just a website for its sake but because a website affords prospects the opportunity to make contact with your business online and learn more about the services you offer.

With a website, your business can be accessed by any one from any part of the world at any time who require accounting services. And that makes it easy to grow your business.

Your website should be mobile friendly and should load fast. It should look professional and make people see why they should do business with you.

Your website should be optimized for the keywords that describe your business so that search engines can recognize what your business offers and pick up your website during a search for your keywords.

You can also list your business on Google My Business for free to increase its chances of reaching its target audience.

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9. Take up speaking engagements

Another way you can easily grow your accounting company is to get speaking engagements.

Take advantage of events that can use your knowledge and advisory prowess. Be in circulation, and look for opportunities to get in front of a pre-qualified audience that wants to learn how your services can be tremendously beneficial to them.

10. Add other services

Most accountants agree that their current clients could use more services from them. If this is the case, then it is only smart that you add other related services to your portfolio that your client will find immensely useful.


Growing your small accounting business should be a priority as you work to make it a success. This post provides proven ideas you can use right away to significantly increase your business performance within the shortest possible time.