How to Effectively Grow a Consulting Business Fast in 10 Ways

By | June 4, 18


How to grow your consulting business

You can effectively grow your consulting business by applying the right ideas.

How to Effectively Grow a Consulting Business Fast in 10 Ways

If you have a consulting business to run, then you should be interested in learning how to effectively grow and make it successful.

Your business will be viable if you are able to continually create, keep, and grow your customers, but not many persons have found a clear path to achieving this.

You need to have the right knowledge about growing a small business, particularly a consultancy firm and applying it on your business to get the result that you desire.

Now, discover:

Best 10 Ways to Grow your Consulting Business

1. Be perceived as an expert in your field

It is not enough to be an expert if nobody knows about it. It is equally important if not more, that people perceive you as one. People tend to naturally gravitate towards consultants who know their onions.

You could project yourself as a reliable expert in your field by coming up with a book, or by publishing a paper or starting a podcast.

These products will not only generate income in the long term but also help stamp your authority in your field, which can significantly translate in growing your business.

2. Network – build relationships or partnerships

Be on the lookout for partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. You need a deliberate plan for building and cultivating a useful relationship in your locality.

You can initiate and accept Joint ventures that lower your risk and cost and increase your reach and visibility.

Be a part of mentorship and mastermind programs that can accelerate the progress of your business.

3. Leverage online communities

You can leverage online communities in growing your business. There are countless communities where you can hang out, but where you finally settled down should be prequalified on the basis that your potential clients are there.

The next thing is to provide value in the community and before long, leads and prospects will contact you for business.

4. Guest blog for other websites

One other way to reach out to a wider audience that can bring more business to your consulting practice is to write posts and articles for websites and publications that your prospects consistently read.

Your articles will present you as a trusted adviser and authority in your niche, leading to prospects contacting you for business.

5. Work in a co-working space

Working in a busy place alongside other businesses that attract customers that may also need your services is one way to grow your consulting business.

If you are just starting out in business and are working with little budget, doing your business from a co-working environment with other businesses that offer customer base which your business can tap into is a great opportunity to quickly grow your business.

6. Get on radio and television

Being on radio and TV for a considerable length of time can help grow your consulting business fast. You don’t have to give an arm or leg to get on radio or TV, many on air personalities (OAPs) are looking for worthy guests that can provide fresh and actionable information on a number of issues for their programs, and that can be at no cost to you.

You only need to sieve and find the ones you can take advantage of. At other times, if paying some money will get you in front of a program that has many of your pre-qualified prospects tuned in, then you should consider it an opportunity to get seen and heard.

The media can expose your business to millions of people from which many will reach you and can be converted to clients. So, don’t underestimate the power of radio and TV in growing your small consulting business.

7. Get a befitting website

Your website is the first place of call when people want to learn more about what you do. They may have your card or heard about your company somewhere and then decide to learn more about what you do. The next action is to search for you online.

A professional looking website is a good investment for growing your business and a high return on investment (ROI).

Your website should have all the attractions that will move your prospects along the sales funnel to doing business with you.

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8. Be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and you are losing money if you are not leveraging that platform for growth.

Get your profile well written and position yourself as someone worth connecting with. Many consultants have shared stories of delicious business deals they closed all thanks to the LinkedIn platform.

9. Ask clients and friends for referrals

One of the most powerful ways to grow your consulting business is through “word of mouth”. Start by asking clients and friends for referrals.

Most times, your circle of clients may know friends that can use your services. When a client is impressed with the work you do, they are more than willing to give you free valuable publicity. And you can offer incentives to encourage them to do so.

10. Use a CRM

Many consultants are not yet organized, especially in the areas of sales and marketing, you are better off using a customer relationship management system that has all the necessary information about your prospects and customers.

You can leverage your list for initiating meetings and conversations that will bring you more business and growth.


Your ability to grow your small consulting business will depend on your knowledge about business growth and how you apply what you know.

This post provides you with ten ways that have been proven to produce fast results in growing consulting businesses, which you can apply right away in your business.