Business Plan: How to Start a Grocery Delivery Service Business

By | May 31, 18

Business Plan: How to Start a Grocery Delivery Service Business

If you are looking to start a grocery delivery service business and succeed in it, this post shows you a plan you can use to achieve it.

Many home owners will give anything to have their grocery supplies delivered at their doorsteps. They will never have to rush through traffic or spare extra time for grocery shopping. They will surely love to spend time for grocery shopping on other important things.

This indicates how profitable the grocery delivery service business can be. People will not mind paying you for the service too, provided you can provide it on regular basis.

Your consistency will make them love to patronize you for all their grocery needs. Despite the great promises that this business holds, there are still some important things you must keep in mind in order to succeed in it. Some of these are discussed below.

How to Start and Run a Profitable Grocery Delivery Service Business

Write your business plan

Your business plan will tell the world exactly what you intend to do and how you plan to run the business.

You should equally include in the plan how you intend to get clients to patronize your business. What are the rates to charge for your services and what are your expansion plans? All these must be included in your business plan.

If you have plans to add other services to the business, like coupon-picking, shopping, and prescription pickup, you should equally mention them in the business plan.

Do you plan to work based on minimum order? This should be included in the document also along with how much you want to charge per minimum order.

Find help in writing a business plan here.

The finance aspect

You need money to run the business effectively. You need to buy a number of equipment like mobile phones with which your clients can contact you and internet-connected computer via which you can link up with the grocery stores and your clients.

You also need an office space where you can keep all those paperwork in order, a vehicle that is in very good working condition, and coolers that will ensure the grocery supplies are kept fresh and cool till they are delivered.

You need money to put these things together if you do not have them already. You can get money to start the business from family members or friends and also through government grants.

Bank loans are equally available to those who have collaterals; you can also contact OnDeck if you need a loan to grow your business.

Business registration

You need to visit the clerk office at your county to register your business name. The requirements you need to meet differ from one state to the other.

At the clerk’s office, you will be required to fill out the Assumed Name form. While visiting the office, make sure you go along with your government identification.

Do you want to get anyone listed in the business as partner? If yes, make sure you go along with the person to the clerk’s office.

Instead of visiting the brick and mortal office of the county clerk, why not find out if they have a website and if the form to be filled can be downloaded, filled and submitted online?

This will take lot of stress off your shoulders. In the event you cannot make the submission online, you can post it to the clerk office after filling.

The fee to be paid for the form differs from one county to another. Usually, all the owners of the business are charged separately.

Some states require more than business registration to start this business. However, some states Like Texas do not require more than this simple Assumed Name registration.

Insurance is very important

If you have decided to use your personal vehicle for the grocery delivery service business, you need to get the vehicle insured. In the event that anything goes wrong with the vehicle, the insurance policy will get it covered.

All important items, equipment, and buildings used for your business should also be insured to be on the safer side.

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Marketing is also key

If you are starting out afresh in the grocery delivery service business, then you need to get the words out.

You need to develop good and productive marketing strategies that will help bring clients in within a short period of time.

Your marketing process can begin with promotional materials, like a website, flyers, brochures, and business cards.

Make the business name captivating enough to be able to remind your clients of the purpose of your business.

Your car can also be turned to an advertising platform for the business. This means, people get to know about your services as you drive through town. All you need to do is to buy magnet for the car.
Know about your competitors

The grocery delivery service niche is getting popular these days and a number of individuals are already into it.

Before you start out at all, you need to first find out if there is any other outlet around providing similar services.

Find out about their areas of coverage, learn about their weaknesses and strengths, and make sure you up your game to meet up to their strengths and leverage on their weaknesses to win some of their clients over.


The grocery delivery service business has been found to be profitable even though there might be some competition.

This article provides you the ideas you can apply in planning and starting the business and making it a success.