Why You Should Be Happy Losing Your Job

By | September 12, 09

Why You Should Be Happy Losing Your Job

Not many who have just lost their jobs will be happy with me for the title above. They will certainly attack me for being insensitive to their situation.

Here you have just been given the boot from your job, your source of income, which gives you the ability to pay your bills, and meet your daily need, yet I’m asking you to be happy. “What an insult,” you might say.

I’m by no way insulting you. I’m only congratulating you for your newfound freedom.

One of the greatest fears lots of people all over the world have is the fear of losing their job. They will do everything possible to remain on the job, even if they hate it terribly. They will continue on it from 8am to 5pm, day in, day out, even if their boss is a pain in their neck.

They keep at it for just one reason – the salary they will receive at the end of the month.

I happen to sometime interview people for job positions, and the reason I can see why almost everyone who comes for a job offer have for wanting the job is to earn a salary or income. Some interviewees will even tell you straight that the reason they wanted to work with you is to be able to earn some money for their livelihood, and for their family.

No doubt, these folks are honest about why they wanted a job, but such reason doesn’t put them in the position to get the job. In fact, they will probably be the least to be considered.

Employers don’t want people whose biggest motivation for their job is money. They are smart enough to know that money is a very weak motivation to keep anyone delivering their best on a job.

You can pay someone $10, 000 a month to do a job for you. That’s some money, and if that person hadn’t earned as much before, they will be excited about the job, and will do it very happily at the beginning. However, if it isn’t a job they actually like doing that enthusiasm will wane after a few months. The money will have stopped been a motivation for that person to do the job well.

Even if you increase it to $20, 000, it will only motivate that person for a few more months before it wears off again. Money can never be enough for anyone who trust in money for their happiness, and so they can never find true happiness, even when they have succeeded in amassing it.

This is why you shouldn’t ever take up a job, marry to someone, or do anything just for the money you hope to earn. Taking this route will never lead to success in life and fulfillment. Sooner, you will find that the money is no longer big enough to make you happy doing that thing.

If you have been doing a job you didn’t really like, but for the money, and now you are fired, you should roll out the drums and let’s celebrate!

You have been freed from self-imposed slavery.

Now, you will be able to think, reach to your potentials, and use them to create wealth and fulfillment for yourself.

It amazes me to see how some people weep when they are handed a sack letter. They feel the world has come to an end because they cannot see how they will be able to make money outside of working on a job.

But this is a big lie. You have got the skills, the experience, and the capacity to make money. If you didn’t have them, your former employer wouldn’t have given you the job in the first place.

Employers look for certain skills, education, and experience in prospective employees, which they need to increase their bottom line. Before you are given the job, the job giver must be sure your contribution to their business must help them to make more money, or save it from losing money, no matter what you are specifically employed to do.

If anyone paid you $10, 000 a month to work with him or her, know that that person could make or save up to $100, 000 from your effort. That’s it; employers are neither Father Christmas nor fools. They are businessmen and women who put their money where they will make profit.

So if you could make ten times more money for yourself than you are earning from working for other people, wouldn’t it be better then to work for yourself?

To be fired from a job gives you the freedom to be totally in charge of your life and time, and to make much more money doing what you love, and be happy and fulfilled in life. You will never experience true freedom as an employee; instead, your job schedule will be the determinant of how you use your time.

You may never, like most people, have been able to free yourself from the slavery that been an employee is. No matter how much you are paid to do the job that you do, the truth is that you have lost the possession of your time. For some people, the situation is so bad that they can’t even find time for their family and for other things that matter to them, because they are on their jobs almost all day, and all week. They don’t even have the time to think about their future.

That’s why you should be happy losing that job now, else you will continue living the life you don’t want until you are eventually retired, or pass on.

You now have the opportunity to make a living from what you are passionate about and love, without selling your time. When you are able to make a good living, and still have time to attend to people and things that touch your heart, then you will surely find true success in life.

And that is the kind of life everyone should live, but which having a job will not allow you to.

I’m not saying you should put in your resignation letter right away if you are still working for someone, but you have to plan towards leaving the job in the future. It is always better to prepare resigning from the job after you have put some things in place, than to be sacked, and pushed to acting reactionary, which could result in more pains.

I have earlier, in one of my posts, written on how to move from employee to owning a business, which will guide you to successfully build a business while you are still on a paid job. You can read it here: Four-step Plan To Move From Employee To Business Owner.

However, if you got fired or laid off in the wave of the present economic recession, don’t panic, you will now be able to explore your potentials to the fullest, which have been locked up for many years while you chased after money for the sake of it.

I’m glad to help you make this critical shift in your life, from an unfulfilled employee to a happy wealth creator and job giver, bubbling each day with renewed zest and freshness you have never before experienced.

Just do these exercises with me:

See Yourself As Job Creator
The most important aspect of making this shift successfully is first to position your mind rightly. Some people cannot stand the thought of losing their job. They think that’s the worst think that could happen to them, even worse than death.

Such people are those you hear about who kill themselves just from hearing the news of a coming economic recession. Can you believe that! They only hear that things are going to be difficult, that lots of people are going to lose their jobs, but it hasn’t even happened; yet they take their own life because they are afraid they wouldn’t be able to cope.

That’s what having a wrong mindset or mental attitude could cause. Yes, in recession, lots of people will get laid off from their jobs, and things will be very tough for some, yet in the same economy and condition, many others will be more prosperous than they have ever been. The difference between the two sets of people is basically their mindset.

If you believe you will make it through difficult time, you certainly will, as long as you have a goal and work assiduously to achieving it.

Once your attitude towards a problem is positive, that is, in spite of the challenges facing you, you could see in your mind’s eye a solution, a way out of it, then the ideas and resources you need to overcome the challenges will present themselves in one way or the other.

Therefore, I want you to see yourself right now, without a job, as a job creator. Once you can see yourself as that, then you have already set up the process that will bring what you need to achieve that to pass.

I remember some years ago I attended a teaching job interview, and at the end of it I was told I did very well and I should expect their letter to resume work. I did get the employment letter some days later, but something strange happened.

Reaching the school the next day I was told someone else had taken my position, that I didn’t respond earlier enough, so they had to give it to the guy that came second to me at the interview.

Although I only got the letter the previous day, I was told they had sent it several days before. Up till now when I think about that incidence, I still can’t understand what could have really happened. How could the letter have been delayed getting to me – it was self delivered to me by someone who said he was one of their staff.

Anyway, though I was very disappointed, as I really wanted the job, I wasn’t broken. I said to myself, “I will build my own school!”

On getting home, I started writing a chemistry book. I didn’t have a computer system of my own then, and I didn’t have money ready for the typing, proofreading and setting, yet I started. Somehow, I met someone who directed me to a place where, as if they had been waiting for me, I was assigned to a computer system they were not using to work on my book.

I was allowed to use their computer without making a down payment. I could pay their charges bits by bits as I could. In fact, it was from there I learnt how to use the computer.
And some months later my book was ready.

I haven’t built a school yet, but through the book I have imparted, and continue to influence much more students than I could ever have been able to as a classroom teacher. I may not have even been able to write the book in the first place if that job was not denied me.

You can actually turn a disappointing event into a valuable creation if you would allow the event, however negative it might seem, to motivate you rather than to depress you.

So now my friend, you must see yourself as a wealth creator and job giver.

Identify Your Passion

The next thing you need to do to create job for yourself and other people, and in deed create wealth, is to identify what you are passionate about. What are the things that get you really kicking? You could do them almost all day without getting bored. Is it sports, writing, cooking, baking, swimming, dancing, teaching, reading, caring for animals, caring for plants, caring for people, singing, telling stories, etc.

We all have one or two things we have great passion for. If you can identify yours, and if there are appreciable number of people who may need a service or product in the industry, then you can find a niche in it and set up a business.

For instance, if you love watching football games so much, to the extent that you have come to know a lot about the game and the capability of each club and their players in the league, you could set up a business in it feeding hundreds of thousands or millions of football fans with your in-dept knowledge about the game.

You could become a football consultant and design football related programs for TV and games. You can own a football magazine, author football related books, and become a public speaker on football. There are so many other money making opportunities that you can create from your passion for football – you only need to think about it deeply.

Go with your passion, get some training wherever you have to, and you will find you are making more money in a month than you had ever earned in a year while you were on a paid job. And the best part is that you will be making the money at your own set time and condition – you’ll be truly happy!

Use Your Special Knowledge And Experience

What did your former employers hire you to do for them? This is the time for you to use such expertise and experience to work for yourself. You can find a way to set up a business with it.

Have you been an accountant, engineer, teacher, nurse, clerk, librarian, journalist, computer scientist, maintenance supervisor, nutritionist, etc., whatever you have worked as on a paid job, you can turn it into a business, offering a service or creating a product with it.

You could become a consultant and a best selling author with millions of people happy to use your software, or read your books and be educated and enlightened. Again, there are certainly many ways you can turn your expertise and experience over the years into money-making avenues.

So you can see that losing your job is actually a great blessing for you to reposition your life to living happy and fulfilled, while you also make much more money than you could ever have been able. Rejoice!


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