How to Overcome Low Self-esteem

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How to Overcome Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem will not allow you to bring out your full potential and achieve success in life. It’s a problem that has kept many people below their true abilities and life’s worth, which has robbed them of fulfillment and happiness.

Achieving success in any area of life requires having a high level of self-esteem. No one can achieve anything worthwhile if they don’t believe they are good enough to achieve it. People with low self-esteem always put themselves down, thinking other people are always better.

With high self-esteem, you are confident of yourself; and with confidence and belief in your ability, you can set big goals, and put plans in place to realize them. This is why employers and those needing business partners will not hire or like to associate with people of low self-esteem – they are never in the ranks of top achievers.

No doubt, you need to build self-esteem if you desire a life of success and accomplishment, and I want to help you get there. Here are six ways to overcome low self-esteem and transform yourself from low to super achiever.

1. Accept Your Self the Way You Are

A major reason why people suffer low self-esteem in their lives is that they are ashamed of certain things in their lives. It could be their physical appearance, environment, and family background, or it could be past experiences. They feel what they have, where they came from, and who they are do not measure up with what they see in other people. So they live their lives trying to be other people so that they can be accepted.

It is low self-esteem that drives some people to try to change their physical appearance to amend parts of their bodies they are not happy about through complicated, life threatening plastic surgery, even when there is no medical reason to do so.

You have one life to live, so don’t allow low self-esteem to stop you from living it to the fullest. You must accept yourself as you are. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t see any defect or limitation in your physical, mental, and psychological makeup. Know that you are uniquely created, with special abilities different from anyone else, irrespective of your family background, or where you came from.

It is a scientific fact that there are no two human beings that are exactly alike, not even identical twins. So crush low self-esteem by being yourself.

2. Don’t Worry About Being Accepted

Another thing that makes some people succumb to low self-esteem is the fear that their views and actions might be rejected by their friends, associates, or people around them. They fear they may be laughed at for expressing contrary views. And this fear goes to implant the false notion that they are not intelligent, smart, or creative enough in their minds.

Don’t expect that everyone will accept you or your views. There is no single person the world over who is loved by everyone that knows them. There are people who will like you for who you are, and the views you hold. On the other hand, there will be people who will not like you, no matter how good you might be. This is absolutely natural, and you must never worry yourself or recline to low self-esteem if some people don’t believe in you – don’t stop expressing yourself.

3. Accept Responsibility for Your Actions

People with low self-esteem will tend to shift responsibility for their actions to others. They will blame other people or things for their misfortunes and failures, and will never consider they could be the one with the fault.

To overcome low self-esteem, and build your confidence high, you need to start taking full responsibility for your actions. If you try achieving a goal and you didn’t succeed, take responsibility for the failure, and think out another plan to fixing it the next time. With this attitude, your low self-esteem is eliminated as you are taking charge of your life.

4. Set Big Goals

Setting and achieving big goals will increase your confidence and wipe off low self-esteem from your life. The process of planning and executing worthwhile goals will bring out your creative energy and special abilities. And as you see yourself achieving the goals, you will be proud of yourself. You will experience happiness and fulfillment, and your confidence and self-worth will soar.

So crush low self-esteem today by setting worthwhile goals for different areas of your life.

5. Take Care of Your Health

Low self-esteem can also result when you are not happy with your health situation. Take good care of your health by maintaining healthy habits like exercising, eating nutritious foods (more natural foods and little or no factory processed foods), resting, and sleeping well.

When you are in good health, your energy level and confidence is high; you feel good about yourself, leaving no room for low self-esteem.

6. Program Your Mind against Low Self-esteem

This is a very important way to prevent and eliminate low self-esteem from your life. I once read somewhere that, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste,” and I have since been careful about what I feed my mind. If you constantly allow your mind to be dominated by negative and limiting suggestions, ideas, information, opinions, and views, you will start believing it, and soon low self-esteem will set in.

When a limiting suggestion, like “you are not good looking enough”, is said to you, don’t think about it all day and all week, because if you do, you will definitely see reasons to believe it’s true, and low self-esteem will come in.

Instead, replace the view with a positive affirmation, which can be, “I’m beautiful and wonderfully made”, and say this to yourself several times a day. Look into the mirror and declare to yourself, “I’m beautiful and wonderfully made,” and low self-esteem will never have room to stay in your life.

Again, I repeat, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”, don’t ever allow negative and limiting utterances of some people about you to take root in your mind. You must protect it by turning the negative utterance into the opposite positive affirmation. If someone says you are not smart enough, you don’t start thinking about it; you turn it into “I’m smart and intelligent”. Each time you look in the mirror you say, “YOUR NAME, you are smart and intelligent!”

Never allow low self-esteem in your life, crush it to dust with the powerful ideas I’ve just shared with you; build your confidence, and live in your highest creative energy, and ability. Achieve your goals and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

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