Achieving Your Goals: The Missing Link

By | March 2, 10

Achieving Your Goals: The Missing Link

Achieving a goal doesn’t happen by chance, it is the result of setting the goal, putting in place a plan to reaching it, and then going all out to executing the plan. I have previously written about how to achieve your goals, which you can read here: The Seven Keys to Successfully Achieve Your Goals in the New Year, but, my concern here is the fact that lots of people still end the year unable to realize a significant part of their goals (many don’t even achieve any) even though they have the knowledge of how to achieve goals in their finger tip.

But what could be the cause for this, I pondered? Looking at the different stages of realizing a goal, that is, setting it, establishing a plan to achieving it, and working out the plan, I discovered the critical factor that stops all those who never seem to be able to achieve anything.

Setting a goal is easy. Anyone can declare they want to achieve so, so, and so, by the end of the week, month, or year. Brainstorming a plan of action to take in realizing the goal is also what a lot of people can easily do, but when it comes to the third part in the chain, which is the doing part, then comes the problem.

This is where a lot of people actually lose their dream. Doing what is needed to achieve the goal is never easy. Although it may seem easy on paper, and at the beginning of the project, but by the time you meet with one or two initial rejections, loses, and other difficulties that usually show up when one is trying to achieve something worthwhile, not many will still remain with their dream. Rather than stick to it, easier and simpler alternatives will begin to pop up in their minds.

This is why so many fall prey to propagators of “make-quick-money schemes” that you find everywhere on the Internet. A lot of people always want the easy way out. They want to be told they don’t need to do anything to achieve their dream of financial freedom, or other desires. And many others put the responsibility on other people to make it happen for them.

But this is ridiculous, and absolutely untrue. If anyone tells you they know how you can make a million dollars in a month without you lifting a finger, please run away, they are simply after your hard-earned money.

To achieve your goal, the truth is that there are things you must repeatedly do until the goal is achieved – you must continue to work out your plan, with adjustments when necessary from time to time until your dream is realized.

You may not readily see any significant progress in your work for some time, but in due course, if you stay on it, you will start seeing yourself closer to your goal. It is in “doing” that your desired dream can come to life. So, are you ready to do what you need to do repeatedly to achieve your goal?

That is the question you must answer if you will achieve your heart desires. But there is a higher and more important question to answer:

Do you believe you can achieve your goal?

In fact, this is the critical missing link that prevents so many from realizing their heart desires because they don’t really believe they can reach their goals. And it is also the “critical fixing link”, which serves as the ultimate motivation, the energy booster, and doubt crusher for the few who have achieved monumental success.

It is important for you to ask yourself, “Can I achieve this goal?” before you begin to try achieving it. It may seem a funning question, but it is very serious and crucial to your success in realizing your dream. It must be firmly impressed on your mind that the goal is achievable.

If you are not sure it’s something you completely believe you can achieve before going ahead to try working it out, you will never be able to surmount the challenges that will come to prevent you from achieving it. Then you would have wasted a lot of time, and money.

Without much thought, some people jump into projects excitedly, only for them to abandon them later half-way when faced with some challenges. As I said before, there will be tough challenges and difficulties on your way to reaching your goal. There is no doubt about this, you must expect it!

You may not get the funding or support you thought you would, people you know as experts may tell you one million and one ways why the goal is unachievable, your best friends or even your spouse may desert you, people you thought will be understanding and supportive may mock and laugh at you, thinking you have gone mad. Your product or service may fall flat at its launching with nobody wanting to even try it.

There will be real tough times ahead my friend, but if you absolutely believe you can reach your goal if you continue to work at it, then you will find the inner strength to carry on against all odds when things become tough and then reach the goal.

There is no greater power than believing you can achieve what you have set your mind on. This is what makes the difference between achievers and mere dreamers. With strong belief you can climb the highest mountains and swim the largest river to attain your goal.

The story of Thomas Edison and his invention of the electric light bulb may already be very familiar to you. 999 experiments yet there was no electric light bulb. People would have mocked him silly, but his belief that one day he would achieve his goal was too strong against anything or anyone sowing a seed of doubt in his mind. Someone even asked him whether he didn’t think he had failed 999 times trying to produce a light bulb.

But his response was unbelievable. Instead of accepting such perception, he simply said, “I have only discovered 999 ways not to produce electric light bulb.” Amazing answer!

Such perseverance, total commitment, and metal attitude could only result because of the unshaken belief Edison had for his ability to achieve his goal. One million and one people in his shoes would have given up after a couple of trials and no result. But Edison remained on it because he believed it was possible, which he eventually achieved in the 1000th trial.

All great achievements happen because the people behind them believed they could be achieved even when it isn’t so clear how it is going to be realized. Once they could see the goal in their mind, and they are sure it could be achieved, and so they go all out on their plan to reach the goal.

You will achieve your goals for this year if you believe whole heartedly that you will succeed!

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