My Keys to Success: Grace Chinemerem-Israel

By | November 19, 08

My Keys to Success: Grace Chinemerem-Israel

My Success Key 1: Just Begin Something

Whatever good thing you find yourself doing, do it well. You don’t just sit down and say there is no job. The sky is open for anyone, whatever you think you can put your hand into, it doesn’t matter whatever small or big, just begin. I started with $200, but with time it grew.

When you are diligent in what you are doing, the Bible says you are going to stand before kings and not mere men. So it all has to do with discipline and believing in God that you can do it.

I tell people, ‘you don’t need so much money to start MARY KAY, come let’s talk about it’. When I see that enthusiasm and discipline in you, we could just work out something – I could give some products to you without you putting down any money, then sell and bring back the capital.

My Success Key 2: Discover Yourself

You should know what you want in life, what you want to achieve. You don’t want to be jack of all trade, you want to stay on the line and tell yourself, ‘this is what I want to do, and this is what I want people to know me for’. It’s all about discovering yourself first, no one will do that for you, you have to know what you like doing and get into it. If you like talking to people, you could get into any business you are comfortable with and do the marketing.

Early in life I discovered I had flair for skin beauty and body care. And I’m a MARY KAY distributor because MARY KAY has affected my life and I’ve decided to help it to affect other people too – that’s why I don’t combine other similar products with MARY KAY in my business.

It’s better for you to focus and stand for something you believe in, that has worked well for you, otherwise you will lose out at the end of the day because people won’t know you for anything.

My Success Key 3: My Relationship with God

Without God in my life, guiding me to discover myself and to know what to do, I wouldn’t have come this far.

My Success Key 4: My Family

My husband, who is my mentor, has been a very big support to me. He has been there all the way, and has made me dream bigger, much more than I could ever think of. For instance, the billboard you see outside, I initially wanted to do a small sign post, but my husband said, “No, if you want to do this, do it well, if you don’t want to do it don’t do it at all.” And he surprised me by erecting the billboard for me when I was away on a trip, and when I came back, what a surprise it was, I jokingly said, ‘What! Who sells MARY KAY here?’

He’s always there to encourage and motivate me. He tells me, ‘you can do it.’ As a matter of fact, one is sometimes tempted to go into other unrelated businesses, but he tells me, ‘look you can be the best here, you can do this and develop it and everyone will know you, you can be a signature for yourself and everyone will know you for this.’ Also, he was the one who gave me the opportunity of knowing MARY KAY in the US. Not every man will want to carry his wife and family along. I thank him for all what he is doing for me and I’ll always love him.

My children give me so much joy! My first girl, who is four years old, always watch me make up. Sometime ago she went into the room, I wasn’t there, and made herself up. When she came out, “Tarrah! MARY KAY!” she exclaimed. I was surprised. I never knew how much she has been learning just watching me. And both she and the younger one know every product. They know which is eye shadow, mascaras, powder, etc.

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