Living a Life of Success: Seven Steps to Achieving Success in Life

By | November 25, 08

Living a Life of Success: Seven Steps to Achieving Success in Life

Everyone definitely wants to achieve success in life, but not everyone ever gets to be successful. In fact, more than 80% of the world’s population never get to experience success in their lives before passing on. And this is because they never follow a particular way of life that guarantees success.

Most people think success gets only to those who are lucky in life, or who are destined to be successful. Therefore, they don’t think it is even productive to try to be successful since they don’t think they are lucky enough or destined to succeed.

Another large population of humanity also wrongly view success in life as dependant on one’s background – family background, country of residence, etc. Hence, they don’t believe they can ever be successful where they are.

But the fact about success in life is that anyone can be successful wherever part of the world they may be. Yes, there are certain action steps which will surely lead you to success in life if you know and followed them. These are fundamental principles of success, which all successful individuals the world over, irrespective of their background have taken to become successful.

Here, I want to share with you seven powerful steps that will land you in success if you imbibe them into your life’s activities:

Make a Decision about What You Really Want in Life

This is the very foundation to achieving success in life. Most people go about life without knowing what they really want in life. Somebody wanted me to help him with a job sometime, and I ask him what kind of job he wanted and he replied “any job”. He was obviously pressed for cash and was prepared to do any job, as long as he would get a salary at the end of the month.

Obviously the young man didn’t know or hadn’t decided what actually he wanted in life. Sure, you can easily get “any job”, but I assure you it will never lead you to success and fulfillment in life. It will be what the society is throwing at you after the best have been picked. This is a dangerous way to live life because if you don’t decide what you want in life and go for it, then life would decide what to give you and that will be what the society has rejected, and success is totally lost.

Put Down Your Goal in Writing

After you have decided what you want from life, it is important you have to write it down on paper. There is power in doing this. What you have decided to become, have, or to achieve in life, is now your goal. Putting it on paper enables you to see and read it daily; and this in turn helps you to be focused on it and to channel the necessary resources and time to realizing it.
Mark a Deadline for Reaching the Goal

There is always a time factor involved in bringing any project to completion. Some projects or endeavors may need a couple of months while others several years. However, a project without a set time of completion may never be achieved.

This is because you will not be fully committed in successfully working out your goal if you didn’t set a time target to completing it. You will easily lose focus and be taken away from the project for other things.

But with the time of completion set, you can make a daily or weekly schedule of work, which you will more likely stick to as you move forward to seeing the goal reached. You will be able to assess your progress and know if you will be able to meet the deadline or not. Where it seems you may not be able to meet the deadline, you can increase the hours of work you have set for the project daily or weekly. Setting a deadline for reaching your goal is a great motivation that pulls you to continually working on the project until you have made success.

List All the Things You Will Need to do

To reach your goal from where you are presently, there are certain things or activities that must be done. For instance, you desire to become a medical doctor, and right now you are in elementary school. Certainly, for you to succeed in becoming that person of your dream, you must have to first complete your elementary education, then your high school, and then university or medical school.

In life, there are stages to be completed before you eventually reach your goal. There is no short cut to success; you will have to pay your dues by passing the necessary stages on your way to success.

Knowing the different stages you will have to pass, and the work you will need to do to hit success is important, it prepares you for the challenges ahead.

Make a Plan

You have written down all the work you will need to do to kiss success. Now you have to arrange them in order of which should come first, and which is more important. As you do this, you are actually putting in place a plan to successfully reach your goal.

With a plan set up, success is no longer far off. A plan helps you to properly and judiciously employ your resources and time in achieving your goal. Conversely, without a plan of action to follow in reaching your goal, you will likely end up dissipating your resources on irrelevant things from what you actually desire.

A lot of people eventually fail in life, not because they lacked the knowledge or ability to be successful, but because they never made a plan to achieve a set goal. They end up emptying their bank accounts, and spending all their time on different things, but at the end of the year, they discover they have not achieved anything.

Now Roll up Your Sleeve and Take Action

No matter what you know or can do, if you don’t do it, you can never see success! That’s the simple truth, I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but I’m amazed to know how much people have deprived themselves of knowing success by not doing what they know.

I know of many people I’ve coached on one money making opportunity or the order, who have not done any thing about the knowledge we delivered onto them, but yet would complain about their position. What they don’t want to admit is that to achieve success there is work to be done.

Don’t fall for the get-rich schemes you see all over the Internet, they are not true. There is no free lunch, if you find one it means someone is paying for it. Money or success is always earned, and you earn it by working it out. So take action on the work on your list that you need to complete to achieve your goal.

Have a Daily Work Schedule

No matter how little, always ensure you do some work in line to achieving your goal everyday. As they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. You will pleasantly be surprised to see how much you have accomplished at the end of the year from the little work you do on your project daily.


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