If You Want to Make Money and Success, Don’t Always Take to People’s Ideas

By | July 18, 08

If You Want to Make Money and Success, Don’t Always Take to People’s Ideas

The above title, which sounds like am driving consultants, including myself, out of business, is actually based on my experience yesterday when it struck me so hard that millions of people might just be walking away every minute of the day worldwide from great opportunities to make money and success simply because they swallow the ideas or advice of some people hook line and sinker.

I’m not saying you should no longer use the advice of consultants or professionals, not at all. In fact, expert advice of consultants can make you tons of money as well as save you from huge loses. However, you should always confirm the ideas you are getting before making up your mind as to whether to go with it or leave it. This is a very important principle of success and big time money making that was strongly impressed on me yesterday.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know before now that to be successful in business or any area of life one has to believe in themselves and be willing to take some risk, it’s just that I never really knew how easy it was for human beings to believe other people’s ideas or opinions about situations that affect them without even trying to confirm it.

Enough of the preambles, I will now tell you my story. I had to quickly get to an AMT machine location closest to me yesterday to cash some money for a younger brother of mine who needed it really fast to remove a troubled tooth that neither allowed him to eat nor sleep the previous night. He had gone to the clinic in the morning with some money, but was told it wasn’t enough for them to effect the removal and grant him freedom from the pains he was going through.

I felt so sorry for him when he raced back home that I had to leave what I was doing to help him cash some money from an ATM machine. I was hoping that it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to cash the money, give it to him and return to the project I was working on. But on reaching the machine stand I meant a long queue. The queue was on one of the machines, which was working at a low speed, while the other was free.

Before I could think of making my way to the second machine which had no one on it to cash my money, one of the people on the queue, a sociable, distinguished and outspoken young man sort of announced it that the second machine was bad. Speaking with assurance he let everyone on the queue know that that machine had not dispensed money for the past two weeks.

With such an expression of certainty from someone I perceived to know what he was saying, I, as well as everyone else took it that it would be impossible for us to cash our money from the ‘faulty machine.’ Therefore, we had to stay put on the queue and wait for our turn to use the slow one or leave. Well, I had to wait since leaving to another one might even take longer time before I could get the money for my brother who was trying as much as he could to contain the pain.

Anyone that came was told the story of how they couldn’t cash their money from the ‘bad’ machine. This time around it wasn’t our ‘distinguished’ guy, the originator of the idea, that was telling people, other people who heard him say it had be unconsciously recruited to carry on the message. As people come and hear the message, some would stay while some who couldn’t stand the queue would leave, until someone came forward to the ignored machine.

Of course he was duly advised by those on the queue that he would not get any money from that machine, but he said he wanted to try.

Few minutes later, to everyone’s amazement, the machine that was said to be incapable of dispensing money actually spilt out cash. And that man that just came got his money before every other person that had been on the queue for a long time, just because he chose not to totally follow everyone’s idea, but to confirm it.

This experience vividly brought to the fore a great lesson for success not only in the quest to make money, but in life in general.

The bottom line here is that if you really desire to make money and success in life, you must not give in to what people say about your idea not been able to make you money.
So many aspiring entrepreneurs have abandoned their business ideas because some people said it would not work. They completely believed in such people because they thought they were knowledgeable in the line of business. But the truth is that if they had gone ahead to work out the idea, it would probably have turned out to be a huge money maker.

Donald Trump faced the same criticism when he wanted to do the Apprentice idea. Guess who asked him not to go ahead with the idea because it would not be successful? His Agent! Judging from his knowledge of the television industry the agent didn’t see how money could be made from the project since no business program had ever been successful on prime time, coupled with the fact that Donald Trump was not a TV star – he was so damn sure that no money could ever be made from it.

Donald Trump, undoubtedly one of the world’s most the shrewd entrepreneur didn’t see how the idea could fail and so disregarded his agent’s counsel. Today, Donald Trump has not only made a monumental success of the Apprentice idea and piles of money, the Apprentice has also become a global phenomenon.

If you are really convinced about your idea, that it would make money and success, go for it! Don’t allow other people’s negative ideas to stop you.

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