Ideas You Must Wipe Off Your Mind If You Must Make Money

By | July 11, 08

Ideas You Must Wipe Off Your Mind If You Must Make Money

The foundation of money making is the possession and maintenance of the right attitude to learn and master the secrets of making money. But some ideas and beliefs that we may have unconsciously picked up from our childhood will definitely stand in our way to be able to make money and live the life of our dreams.

As we are growing up, we hear certain erroneous comments repeatedly about making money from close family members, teachers in school, television personalities, etc, who we trust and respect so deeply that their words carry a seal of authority. Our young minds are strongly impressed with these words, and without knowing, we have become programmed to think and believe those ideas about money.

These wrong ideas guide our action or inaction when the issue of making money is concerned. And since our minds have already been made to avoid making money, we will never be able to attract those ideas and resources that will propel us to be able to create wealth and gain financial freedom forever.

Therefore, first thing first, if we must make money, we must recognise and wipe out from our minds those negative ideas about making money we have held for long that have limited us from contributing to humanity to the fullest of our God-given ability.

Here are some of these limiting ideas to money making; see why you should immediately get a good cleaning agent and wipe them off your mind.

Making and having lots of money will expose me to envy and criminal attacks

I remember one of my best friends and child hood buddies. As a child he asked his father to change their over ten-year old 14inch black and white television set in their home to a colored type. A number of families where already replacing theirs and he felt his father would give a green light to his idea.

But no sooner had the words left his lips than his father shouted him down: “Do you want people to start envying us and robbers to begin trailing us for money?” For some time my friend associated danger to money making and so didn’t think it wise to make money.

However, fortunately for him, before his father’s negative ideas about making money could sink deeply into his subconscious mind, he realized that it was difficult for his father to even provide the basic things they needed at home, such as food, clothing, and furniture, not because he didn’t want to, but because he had no money to do so. And he didn’t have money because he never tried to find out the secrets of money making – his negative ideas about money were holding him down only to a lowly salary job.

Before he could complete his elementary school, his father lost his job – the family’s only source of income aside from his mother’s petty trading. Soon he was forced by hunger and other necessities of life to do menial jobs to make money, not only to provide for himself, but also to help the family financially. That experience completely wiped out his fathers erroneous idea about money making from his mind and taught him that you need to make money so you can secure yourself and family financially, and you can help other people in need. The more money you can make, the more you will be able to reach out and touch more lives.

With the new mindset of making money for the good money can do, my friend found the motivation to work hard and live above mediocre life. Today, having a Masters degree in Mathematics and a flourishing career, he is enjoying a rich life in England.

You mustn’t gag yourself from enjoying the richness of life and the feeling of being helpful to other people, which making money can give you, just because you fear that some people may hate you for having lots of money and robbers will come after you. This fear is completely unfounded.

There are negative minded people everywhere who will envy you for a million other reasons than because you are making lots of money. You can be a victim of envy of weak minded people for just been happy. They can’t understand why you should be happy when by their judgment you should be sad. Do you then decide to become sad so that such people don’t envy you? That would be preposterous!

And for the idea that robbers and other criminals will come after you because you are making money, this is also baseless.

As a matter of fact, the richer or more money you have, the less you are susceptible to crime. Your money can very well buy you physical security as you please. On the contrary, it’s the poor that are easy target of criminal elements since they commonly live in crime infested neighborhoods. See why you should discover the secrets of money making and live a rich and secured life?

Making and having lots of money will corrupt my character

Some people have the idea that all rich people are bossy, proud and egoistic. Perhaps out of a bad experience with certain individuals who are wealthy, they have come to generally take all rich people to be of such negative character. In order not to become like them they have decided to avoid making money, since, by their judgment, the possession of money is responsible for corrupting the character of the rich.

But this idea again, is a wrong association of money making. Money does not corrupt someone’s character; it only makes it more visible. If you know of a proud, selfish and arrogant rich person, it isn’t the money that they make that caused this, such characteristics have always been there and may not have been clearly noticeable until the coming into wealth revealed it.

This is why you equally have rich people who are humble, supportive, caring, and wonderful to be around with. No matter how much money they are making they do not deviate from their character. In fact, the more money they have, the more they are a blessing to their societies.

Since other people have made the money, there is no more to be made

This is another idea about money making that has kept a lot of people away from living life to their greatest potential. A lot of business ideas have died instantly when their owners realize there are people already in the business. They believe others have already made the money in the business and there is no more left to be made.

If you are looking for a completely new business idea to invest in, I wish you a happy searching, you might find one, but the truth is that you may not. Majority of money making ideas are actually modifications and innovations upon existing ideas.

People will continue to make money in any business if they know and do what is needed to attract it.

Generally, money is never limited in supply. The fact that some people are making money doesn’t mean others will not have left to make. What is actually true is that the more the number of those making money, the higher the chance for more people to make their money too because those that have made money have what to spend on the businesses of other people.

This is why smart business owners target people with good level of disposable income as customers; otherwise their businesses may suffocate for lack of cash, the life-giving oxygen of businesses.

Think of it this way, America today has the highest number of millionaires worldwide, yet the country produces more millionaires annually than any other country in the world. This goes to show, without any atom of doubt, that the idea that because some people are already making money you wouldn’t therefore have any left to make is totally false – don’t ever allow it to hold you down!

I may lose the money I’ve made; if I do I can’t stand the fall

This idea or fear is born out of what we hear or read about some people who made lots of money, but some how along the line lost it and ended their lives in poverty and misery. Some couldn’t even cope with the new life of penury and isolation – no more friends, fans or admirers – and so commit suicide.

These kind of stories have so much impressed on the minds of some people that a strong negative association has been created linking money making to such desolation of life.

But yet again, money making is been wrongly accused here. If you have understood the secrets of making money and have used it to create your wealth, then you wouldn’t harbor any fear about losing it.

Henry Ford, the man who revolutionized the car industry in the early twentieth century was asked what would happen to him if he lost all the money [about $5 billion] he had labored to make. Without wasting time, with a smile the self made billionaire replied: “I will make it back!”

That’s it! If you have discovered and mastered the principles of money making, you would simply replicate what you did before and you would get the same result, if not better since you are now more confident and experienced.

I can go on and on to bring out examples of negative ideas about money making that have not allowed a lot of people to live a rich and supportive life, and this article will not end. There are so many of these limiting ideas that a lot of people have inherited and programmed on. No wonder the huge level of poverty ravaging the majority of the world’s population.

You must not be part of this mass. quickly, you must get to find out which money making limiting idea(s) have been preventing money from flowing into your life. Then you must wipe it off and begin to see money making as a course to good life and happiness for you, your loved ones, and the society as a whole.

To help unearth these negative ideas that may have taken deep root in our minds, unconsciously guiding our actions, and leading us away from money, I recommend taking Paul Mckenna’s exercise in his book: I Can Make You Rich.

The exercise is completing 12 sentences about money.

1. People with money are ……………….
2. Money makes people …………..
3. I’d have more money if ………………..
4. My parents always thought money would ……………………
5. Money causes …………………….
6. I’m afraid that if I had more money I would ………………….
7. Money is …………………
8. In order to have more money, I would need to …………………..
9. I think money …………………
10. If I were really rich, I would …………………
11. My biggest fear about money is ……………………..
12. Money is …………………..

Taking this exercise daily consecutively for two weeks, Paul Mckenna believes you will be able to uncover money repelling ideas or believes that have not allowed you to make as much money as you are capable of.

After identifying your limiting ideas about money making, the next thing is to begin to question them. Ask yourself, “Is this idea really true?” Think of the rich people who have actually proved those ideas wrong. As you do this you will start seeing the real truth about money making, which is for the good of humanity.

The society enjoys quality products and services from money making processes; and the entrepreneurs who make the money use it not only for themselves and their families, but also for supporting worthy causes that bring advancement and joy to human life.

Never allow wrong ideas about making money limit you from living the rich and supportive life you have always wanted! Go ahead to discover the secrets of making money!

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