Ideas to Make More Money than You Are Making Today

By | August 20, 08

Ideas to Make More Money than You Are Making Today

No doubt, everyone should desire to make more money than they are presently making. There is certainly nothing wrong with it. Your wanting to legitimately increase the amount of money you are making does not make you to love money or desperate for it.

In fact, if you do not plan to increase your income, you will soon find that either inflation has disallowed you from enjoying certain things you love because you don’t have enough money to afford them any more, or that you are no longer able to support the people you always sent money to. This can have a serious negative impact on the quality of your life.

It is therefore a basic requirement if you must be ahead of financial crises as an individual or a business to find the ideas that would continually enable you to make more money. In this article, I’m going to share with you proven ideas and strategies, which if you apply will definitely enable you to make more money than you are making now.

Ideas to make more money as an employee
Many employees, sorry to say, see the organization they work for only as a means of earning a salary. They never think of how the company or business is even making the money that they expect to be paid. All what they are interested in is that at the end of the month, they are paid the agree amount of money as salary.

I have interviewed a couple of people for a job and what I find in many of them is that they just want to earn a salary, but what they don’t realize is that the employer is not happy about the issue of paying salaries. It is certainly not because they enjoy giving money away as salary every month that they want you in their team. In fact, for the money they are paying you, they must be making ten times that in return for your effort if you must be considered valuable to them.

Now, talking about been valuable to your employer, this is what will keep you on the job. And it is also what can ensure you earn more money repeatedly than before – employers will pay more money to someone they believe would help them or is helping them greatly to make money or to prevent the loss of money. Please note it: the degree of how valuable you are to your employers is the deciding factor to your making more money as an employee.

So, the real question to ask now is: how do you increase your value to your company and then position yourself to make more money?

Asking yourself the following questions will help put you as a problem solver to your company, thereby increasing your value in the organization, and subsequently moving you to the class of the high money makers in the company.

How can I be worth more to this company?
How can I help it to achieve more in less time?
How can I add a tremendous amount of value to it?
Are there some ways that I could help cut costs and increase quality?
What new system could I develop?
What new technology could I use that would allow the company to produce its products and services more effectively?
How can I help the company to make money or prevent lose of it?

Those are the ideas you need to imbibe or apply if you want to rise to the high income earners class in your company. Not only will you command more money, you will equally be respected and honored, because you are a solution provider, creator, inventor, idea bank, and an exceptional money maker for your organization.

Ideas to make more money as a business owner

Just as it is necessary for individuals to position themselves to be able to make more money, businesses have to do the same. Money is the life blood of any business and the more of it you have the more you will be able to grow swiftly.

There are many ways you can make more money in your business than what you are currently making. But many business owners do not make enough money as they should because they are not asking themselves the right questions.

Now let’s see the kind of questions you should ask yourself as a business owner to be able to make more money in your business than you are making presently:

How can I help touch more lives?

In a nut shell, what this question requires you to do to increase the amount of money you are making now is to expand. It is okay to begin your business on a small scale. However, you must quickly work on expanding it, taking it to new regions or territories, so it can serve lots more people. The more the number of customers or clients that you have, the more money you will definitely be making.

There are different ways of reaching more people with your business and make more money than physically moving into new territories. Depending on your kind of business, you could make use of technology and get to more markets using the Internet.

How can I use my resources optimally?

Most times, businesses don’t realize they are not using their resources to full capacity, and so they lose money without knowing. Make a list of your assets, including the machineries you use for your operation, and one by one, note how much you use them against their full capacity. If possible, you can even put a monetary value on them and note how much money each of them is making for you against how much money they could possibly make.

How can I diversify my business?

Diversifying or accessing profitable business opportunities in a related industry is another way to make more money in your business. If you look hard enough, you would find one or two new business opportunities that you can easily go into using the same resources you are using in your main business. This could definitely really increase your income.

How can I give better quality product or service?

This is perhaps the most important question you must ask yourself to be able to make more money in your business. Making effort to give your customers the best quality product or service at all times will not only make them to spend more of their money with you, it will cause more people to buy your product, and this will translate to more money for you.

How can I sell at a lower price and still retain quality?
People generally love to buy things at cheaper prices. Therefore, to increase the amount of money you are making, what you can do is to find ways of producing at lower cost so that you can sell at a lower price. If your can maintain a lower price without affecting the quality of your product or service, then your customers would spend more money with you, and more people would be able to buy from you.

The above ideas that I have just shared with you will no doubt enable you to increase the amount of money you are currently making and ensure your finances are on top, if you put them to work.

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