Finding Your Purpose In Life

By | October 7, 09

Finding Your Purpose In Life

The most important key to living a successful life is first finding your purpose in life. What are you met to do, or to be in life?

Most people are not successful in their careers, businesses or the job that they do because they are into the wrong endeavor. They aren’t lazy or less intelligent, not at all, but their achievements never pass the average mark, no matter the amount of effort they put into the task.

Each one of us is wired differently to excel in a particular aspect of life, that’s why no two finger prints have ever been found to be exactly alike, not even for identical twins. We are all different in special ways, with special abilities to get optimal result applying minimal effort.

But the problem is that most people the world over, by the circumstances influencing their upbringing, are brought up and schooled to do things they are not designed for, to be effective and efficient at. So what happens is that they struggle each day to achieve very little.

It is like using a table in the place of a chair. Imagine organizing a conference and somehow you could only get tables, no chairs, and there was no other thing anyone could sit on but the tables.

Definitely, attendees to the conference would be uncomfortable all through the event, and would not wait for it to end.

Even the tables themselves wouldn’t be comfortable too. They will be subjected to greater weight than they were designed to carry, and some may even crumble under the excess weight.

This is why so many people are not happy or excited with their lives. They are designed to be tables, but the circumstances of life have subjected them to be used as chairs. There are people who should be world tennis stars by the way their bodies are formed, but haven’t even held a racket all their lives.

Some have been wired to be great cooks, but are struggling with singing, while many who have been made to be great singers are living as under achieving office assistants.

Life shouldn’t be a struggle or a bore. It becomes so if you have not found your purpose of been here, and are not living by what you have been created to be, by what your DNA have been encoded to perform exceptionally well. If you do, your work or activity will be fun and effortless. And you will enjoy true happiness all day.

You will be so happy doing what you do that it will not seem like work to you; in fact, it will be strange to you when people talk about it as work. Consequently, the passion and enthusiasm with which you do it will rub on the quality of your output, and will touch people’s souls such that they will be willing to pay you handsomely for it.

Certainly, there is no match against anyone who has found his or her purpose, and is doing what his or her being has been constituted to do in life!

That’s why Usein Bolt, the World, and Olympic 100 and 200 meter Champion could so effortlessly shatter records while his fellow competitors struggle from behind. Only recently, this young man ran the 100m race in an unbelievable time of 9.58 seconds without looking exhausted in anyway.

Of course you don’t have to be Usein Bolt, you don’t have his exact DNA constitution, you are You, specially designed to be world champion too in something! But you must find that thing if you haven’t yet discovered it. This is very important to your success, happiness and fulfillment in life.

And I’m glad to help you discover that purpose for which you are made, and so find true life success and satisfaction. Here are ways you can find your life’s true purpose:

Assess Your Physical Makeup

How does your body make up enable you to perform certain tasks quicker and easier than most people? Are you stronger, more athletic?
Are you faster, slower, taller, or shorter than most people? Are your legs, arms, or shoulders stronger than that of the average person on the street? Or, are you bigger, slimmer, more handsome or beautiful than most people? Are you bones so flexible that you can practically fold yourself into the figure 8 shape?

You need to identify the aspect of your physical makeup that stands you above the average person, and build a career around it. In the world we are in, your physical endowment can bring you before kings and presidents. And that’s if you used it.

If you have stronger shoulders that could carry and throw heavy objects than most people, you stand a better chance of succeeding in life as a wrestler, weight lifter, or in any other profession where the ability to lift or throw heavy objects is a critical success factor.

You could even become an Olympic gold medal winner, world record holder, and make fame and fortune doing what your whole body has been designed to do naturally.

If you are more handsome or beautiful than most people, your success can easily be assured in industries such as Television and Show Business. I sure do believe everyone is beautiful as they are, however, when I say people who are more handsome or beautiful, I’m basing my classification on societal standard.

Let’s be honest, in whatever society you are, there are certain individuals you do acknowledge as very handsome or beautiful. And you may not know it; their looks usually open doors of opportunities for them as people are usually attracted to them and would want to grant them favor.

If you have such physical endowment as recognized by your society, you would be receiving compliments from people wherever you go about your good looks.

Having people admire your natural beauty or handsomeness is a sign that you will hit success easier, quicker, and almost effortlessly in professions where physical looks is crucial to success.

But, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean only your beauty or handsomeness is enough to get you to the top, not at all, you will have to develop yourself in the industry, and work for your success.

However, the good thing for you is that because physical appearance is important in the industry, when someone is needed you will be on the top list because you’ve got all it takes.

Your physical makeup can be one of your strongest assets to achieving success in life almost effortlessly. Therefore, you must discover which part of it you have more than most people, and build a career around it.

Assess Your Innate Ability

Everyone is born with certain skills, which they exhibit better than the average person, even without any formal training in it.

A few days ago I was watching my little nephew; he is only five years old as he played around the house. He found two sticks which he used to turn one of the plastic chairs outside into a drum. I was struck to hear the musical sound he produced, and he was also singing and dancing harmoniously to the beats.

I was amazed to see how much he was enjoying himself. And I have also seen him sing popular songs and dance to them well.
Certainly, this little boy will not struggle to achieve success in life if he built a career around music and entertainment.

It is not for nothing that we are all born with one talent or the other. It is for us to make use of them to make our society better and bring joy to other people. There are different ways people are talented. It can be with their voice, hand, leg, head, eye, ears, nose, fingers, feet, etc.

Identify where certain aspects of your being perform better, more effectively or efficiently than most people and develop yourself in the industry where such talent is crucial to the product or service it offers, by getting the relevant education or training.

Assess Your Mental Ability

Again, every human being has a unique mental constitution. This is why if you teach a class of say, twenty students the same subject, using the same method and tools for all students, and you give them a test on it, you can never have all scoring the same point, however simple or difficult the test might be. If you are a teacher, or have taught before, I’m sure you will be nodding your head now.

This simply shows that people’s brains function and process information differently. Some people use the left side of their brains more than the right side, while for others it is the other way round.

People who think more with their Left Brain tend to be more analytic and logical in their reasoning. They stick to rules, and perform well in mathematics and science, and are also good with words and languages.

They give greater concentration to projects, and are comfortable been to themselves.

On the other hand, people who use their Right Brain more than the left will tend to be more intuitive and imaginative in their thinking. They see the “Big Picture” in a project, and are good with pictures, symbols, shapes, and sizes.

Such people are not certain to follow rules, but they are creative, and will exhibit artistic skills such as writing poetry, singing, and painting.

They are comfortable been with people, and cannot remain at a spot for long – they are more responsive in informal settings.
You need to know which part of the brain you use more, and so develop a career around it.

This makes it less difficult for you to fit into the peculiar challenges and demands of the industry. And success will be easier to achieve because you are in a profession or business which you have naturally been prepared for. It removes the struggles a lot of people go through trying to make success where they have not been wired for.

As I end this article here, let me emphasize the fact that it is very important for you to first and foremost find out your purpose in life if you haven’t already. Read this article again, and do a sincere examination of yourself.

Get to know who you really are, what you have been naturally wired to do excellently in life. Then you can build a career around it.

If you discover you are in a wrong profession or career where you are struggling to meet up, be courageous to make a change – it is never too late to change. Don’t mortgage your success and true happiness that comes with living your purpose to fear of change.

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