Emeka Okafor’s Keys To Success

By | January 17, 09

Emeka Okafor’s Keys To Success

Success is only achieved following a set of proven principles. Here are Emeka Okafor, a Lagos Businessman’s Keys to Success, given in his own words.

Keys to Success: Emeka Okafor

My No.1 Key to Success: I knew exactly what I Wanted

From when I was young, I knew I wanted to be a businessman when I grew up. So I didn’t have to waste any time after my schooling searching for job, I just moved straight to business.

My No.2 Key to Success: Get Properly Trained

To achieve success in business, it is key that you prepare yourself well. Even though I had an OND, I still went for apprenticeship in business so that I would learn the practical, hands-on aspect of the business and be well prepared.

I learnt a lot of things about running a business successfully in my peculiar environment that I didn’t learn in school, and which really put my business in the path of success when I started it.

My No.3 Key to Success: Treat Your Staff Well

To keep my staff, what I do is to give them a good working environment. I don’t like dismissing workers, but correcting them when they are not doing well.

I also give them good reward system. Like what Donald Trump said, “I don’t pay my staff to work well, I pay them because they work well.” So I institute a policy that if you are doing good, your salary will increase.

Here you have people earning more than others because they work better. It’s not how long you have stayed, but how hard you work.

My No.4 Key To Success: Build Goodwill

If you are steadfast and honest, you will build up goodwill. If I can go to a supplier and obtain goods worth nine million Naira without them asking for cash, it means I have been paying.

You have to build up goodwill. Don’t try to take advantage of people and swindle them. If you build goodwill, you will have a lot of suppliers scrambling to supply goods to you. Even though you are helping them to sell their goods, you are also making money without using your money, it’s a 50-50 deal.

My No.5 Key to Success: Use Your Creativity

Don’t sit at home looking for job. If you don’t have money to do business, then think of creating something.

For instance, there is this students’ trade fair I attended. The organizer bought a space on campus for five days and got business owners, including myself to pay to attend. At the end of the day, he made a profit.

Don’t lose hope, but think of what to do, and use the Internet positively. You will get ideas of what to do to make money legally.

But, the problem is that some people just want to enter into business this year, and by the end of the year buy the best of cars. But it takes years to achieve success in business and in life.

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