A Simple Way to Overcome Shyness and Make Your Money in MLM

By | May 1, 08

A Simple Way to Overcome Shyness and Make Your Money in MLM

This morning I was going through some past interviews that I conducted with successful business people in Lagos not too long ago. And I was particularly struck with the one I had with a former house wife who, from home built up loads of money in just a spate of one year from Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business – she has earned quite over N10 million so far.

From her excitement during the interview, you will never believe this was once the very shy person, whose shyness was so strong that she could not even introduce one person to the first MLM program she promoted.

I was deeply curious about how she did it. That is, how she overcame her shyness, which not a few people have held responsible for not allowing them to make success of their MLM programs and make the money that could have changed their lives forever.

She very well shared her secret for subduing her shyness with me, and I will tell you, but before then I will like you to know a bit about her.

She is Ify Ofili. From the very first day someone introduced her to Multi Level Marketing business in 2006, she knew it was the right kind of home business she would love to do. It would give her freedom to chart her own course as well as the time to be at home with her family.

Ify Ofili

Ify Ofili

But she had a serious set back – she was extremely shy and could not easily make friends or socialise to be able to succeed in MLM programs. However, in spite of this seeming limitation, Ify joined Goldlynks in 2006, but she couldn’t even get one person to join her network.

She moved to Lagos in 2007. Here her shyness problem was compounded since she didn’t know any body. But she was determined to overcome it and make big money through MLM, so she again signed up with Sigcess, a Chinese product multi level marketing company in March of that year.

And here is her golden secret for breaking her limiting shyness and setting up her money making machine:

She decided that since she was so shy, she would therefore start Talking to people wherever she went.

That’s the golden secret that worked like magic for her.

If you were expecting a complex and complicated remedy, am sorry to have disappointed you. Take Ify’s simple, but highly effective solution. You don’t really need a special therapy or medication to break shyness in your life. All you need is to make the decision not to allow shyness stop you from realising your money making potential, and begin now to talk to people wherever you find them.

Ify did just that. At the church, supermarket, civic centres, wherever and whenever she came in contact with people, who she may not even have met before, she would talk to them about her product.

According to her, “I find out that when I talk to people I make money, and I kept on talking and kept on making money. Shyness left and I can now look at people eyeball to eyeball without blinking my eyes.”

Isn’t that amazing? By December 2007 she had become the first Director for Agel, an American company she promotes, in Africa, earning her over N500, 000 monthly. And together with a number of other companies she promotes, she made well above N10 million by the close of 2007 year.

The bottom line is this: if Ify could take charge of her shyness that was preventing her from making a success of her home business and took that vital decision that has enabled her to make so much money beyond her dream and leave the life she has always wanted, I believe anyone can, including you.

Make that decision today! Start now to talk to people about your business.

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