6 Steps To Boosting Your Sales

By | June 5, 13

Sales is the life blood of any business, profitable sales for that matter is the key to have cash in the bank to run your business. Therefore, your ability to sell very well will give you the key to be on top of your industry.
Here are six steps to take your sales to the top.

Steps to boosting your sales.

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1. Focus on what the customers need

In any business, without the customer, you don’t have any reason for being in business; the primary reason why you are in business is to serve the needs of potential buyers who are your customers. I know that some people go into business without understanding the needs of the potential buyers, they start the business practically because somebody said that the business is profitable, they just jump in and start the business.

No, it doesn’t work that way, you must first understand what the customers need, you must understand the mindset of the customers, and why what you are doing is very important to them. And in doing this you will need to ask them a number of questions, that is get questionnaires ready for them to answer.

2. Make your payment procedure simple

Another thing you can do to boost your sales, is to make your payment procedure very simple, not too ambiguous or complex. If your payment procedure is too complex, you will be giving your customer and opportunity to look elsewhere they can get that same product or service with less stress. So make your payment procedure very easy to your potential buyers because time is of essence.

3. Hire the right person for the job

Hiring the right man for the job makes a lot of difference, to be a sales man is professional, not everybody is wired to sell just anything for profit, so your ability to get intelligent salesmen on your team is very key to boosting your sales, this goes to say that your HR procedures must be very sound.

4. Setting up incentive programs

Why will you want your sales persons to be out there on the street selling whatever it is you are selling? You must give them a motivation or a reason to sell; this incentive program is essentially for the benefits of the sales, to encourage them to sell more.

You can set a target for every sales person, and whoever meets that target is rewarded duly. Depending on your budget, the reward can be from a ball pen to two weeks all expenses paid trip abroad. Now when this is done constantly, it will motivate others in the team to work harder.

5. Setting up customers reward program

This is what you see in the telecoms, airlines, and in several other organizations where companies reward their customers. for example, why will Virgin, Luthansa, or KLM airline say if you get to a particular millage you will get a free ticket? When you have done a particular millage on a trip, they tell you that by the time you make this x amount of millage you are entitled to a free ticket, and what that will suggest to you is that, the next time you want to travel by air, you will have to use that airline in other for you to get that free ticket.

They don’t want you to use another airline, it is very important that you set a reward system for your customers in such a way that you keep them coming back, you keep them loyal and committed.

6. Distribute free samples of your products

Learn to distribute free samples of your product; this is very key to your business. Sometimes you see business owners doing clearance sales, most time it is not just to sell off; it might be that you have a new product that you want to push into the market, and using clearance sales of either 40 or 50% off will help you achieve that.
You might even through that medium attract new potential customers to your business, because if they have bought something of quality, something of value during your clearance sales, when they need some more or even other things, they will come to you.

If you take the steps above, you will surely be able to boost your sales. See you at the top!

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