Small Hotel Business Plan: How to Start and Succeed in Hotel Business

By | April 24, 18
Starting a small hotel business

Starting and succeeding in a small hotel business will depend on the quality of knowledge you have about the business.

Small Hotel Business Plan: How to Start and Succeed in Hotel Business

Many individuals started hotel businesses without adequate knowledge or proper planning and they ended up disappointed.

It is therefore in your best interest to learn all you can before you ever venture into this business so as not to end up badly.

This post is designed to show you some of the important things that will get you started and succeed in your small hotel business.

It all rises and falls on your business plan

The business plan must be the very first thing you must put together before you start the business. It must contain information on why you want to start the business and why you think you can succeed in it.

You are equally required to provide information on how you plan to succeed. What is your available start up capital? How do you plan to raise more money for expansion? How do you plan to edge out competitors in the business. These are some of the things expected to reflect in your business plan.

You should equally include information on the number of individuals you plan to employ at the initial stage and the number to employ as the business grows.

Do you plan to have a partnership or sole proprietorship kind of business? This must also be stated in the business plan.

If professionally written, the business plan can help you to get funding for the business.

Financial issues

You need some good amount of money to start the business. You need money to lease land or building. Even if you are using your home to run the hotel, you will need money to equip the place and provide facilities that will make the place comfortable.

Convenience, comfort and hospitality are features expected in a hotel; your hotel must provide all these and you need money to make this possible.

You can use your business plan to get loans or grants for the business. Conclusively, make sure all financial issues are sorted out before you ever venture into the business.

You need knowledge

You need knowledge and experience to make things work in this business. If you have never worked in a hotel setting before, you can easily get a job and learn the rope.

You don’t need to stay in the job for too long. Just learn all you can as fast as possible and use the acquired knowledge to set up your own small business.

Reading will also do you a world of good, as it will open your eyes on how to run the business profitably. Limited knowledge in hotel business will hamper your progress a great deal.

Important considerations before you start the business

For one, you need to have good business sense aside all the other requirements listed above in order to succeed in this business.

You equally need to know that hotel business is never a means of getting rich quickly; your riches will come, but it will take some time.

If you are in it for fast buck, then you will get your fingers burnt. You also must understand that this is a long term business. Make sure your expectations are real too.

You can decide to buy an existing hotel business or build yours from ground up. It may be easier to kick start if you are buying an existing business.

Before you buy such business, find out about how profitable the location is. Find out also about how profitable that business had been. Most importantly, find out why the owner decides to sell it.

Locating the hotel

The hotel must be located in an area not far from the target market. If for example you are building your own hotel, find out about the town and how profitable the place is.

Never establish it in a town not known for viable hotel business. Market survey and visibility study will direct you on this.

The traffic count in that area, the thoroughfare and the openness of the street are other important factors to also consider when building the hotel. It should not be too close to another one to ensure some breathing space.

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What manner of service

You need to equally determine the forms of services to be rendered by your small hotel business. Is it just bed and breakfast or something more upscale?

One factor that can determine your services is what your competitors are offering. Your competitors will also determine how much you charge per night. The best way to make headway even in the midst of heavy competition is to offer quality service at affordable rate.


Starting a small hotel business can be profitable; however, you need to know certain fundamental points that can help you succeed in the business.

This post provides key facts you need to bear in mind and work with if you are interested in running a hotel business in a small scale.