How to Cultivate Great Employees

By | February 26, 13
How to motivate your employees

Success as a business owner will also depend on how much you are able to motivate your employees.

How to Cultivate Great Employees

As a business owner who wants to achieve success, one of the areas of your business to give priority attention to is in cultivating great employees. Just as you cannot run your business alone, the dedication and loyalty of your employees will hugely determine how much success you will be able to achieve.

Here are tips to help you cultivate great employees who will take your business to the top.

Motivating your Employees

You should make it a point of duty to constantly think of ways to inspire and motivate your employees so that your business can grow. Hence, your employee motivation strategy must be in place.

To effectively motivate your employees there is need for you to first determine what would motivate them individually, rather than doing something for all of them as a group hoping it would motivate them all. Blanket approach to motivating staff doesn’t usually work because some employees for instance might be motivated by pay rise, while others might not see it as a big deal.

Rather than increase in salary, some employees might be motivated by free, all expense paid oversea training. To others, it might be permission to work part time so as to further their education (like pursing the MSc and PhD) that would motivate them because it makes it possible for them to meet their goal of acquiring higher education.

The bottom line here is that as a business owner who wants to have the best employees around, you will have to find a way of knowing what is dear to each and every one of your employees’ heart, or the personal goals they are pursuing so that you can effectively motivate them by offering them those things. To find out what their personal goals or heart desires are, you can create a form where you ask them to state their personal goals and desires.

Showing Concern

You have to read the body language of your staff. The larger percentage of communication is even non verbal. If somebody tells you good afternoon and you notice a frown on the person’s face. The person has greeted you but not from the heart. If you notice your employees mood is not right, that is not the time to say, ‘get that job done quickly’, rather, call such employee, ask what happened and try to help.

Building a Culture of Ownership

When employees see themselves as part owners of the business they are more loyal and dedicated to the business, and such business are usually successful. It is therefore important for business owners to set up systems to reward excellent performance, such as offering of bonuses, profit sharing, and part ownership, so that their employees can have a sense of ownership of the business.

As the business owner, always remember that you are just the driver of the vision and mission of your business, but you can’t run it alone. Without well motivated, dedicated and loyal employees, the success of the business might not be realized.



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