How to Build Effective Feedback System in Your Business

By | March 4, 13
How to build effective feedback in your business

Businesses need to build effective feedback into their operations to be able to know what is working and what is not.

How to Build Effective Feedback System in Your Business

Building an effective feedback system in your business is essential in running it because it tells you what is working and what’s not. It provides you with fresh ideas on ways to improve your business and gives you insight into the needs of your customers. Feedback helps a company to keep their old customers and win new ones.

Asking your client for feedback reinforces their loyalty because it shows that you care enough about their business and you are interested in helping their business grow.

There are important questions every serious business must ask. Some of them are: is the quality good? Was the product delivered on time? What was the client’s reaction before, during and after the project? Was the client satisfied? Will the client want to do business with us again? Would he/she refer our business to others?

The answers to these questions will help any company to build an effective feedback system. Here are steps you can take to create a feedback system in your business and see it being positively impacted this year.

Have a very interactive website; it helps with feedback

An interactive website with a nice design will attract both old and new customers. They can get information about your products and services and leave a feedback note for you on any of your products or services they have interest in.

You must also make sure that all the phone numbers, email addresses and the names of team members to contact for any information required are properly displayed on the website.

If the phone lines on the website cannot be accessed at anytime of the day, you may do well to change them. They should also be encouraged to send an e-mail as well with the assurance that they will get a response soon.

Have an internal feedback team

You can put in place a team that will be responsible for all feedback and inquiries. They would compile the data of all the clients you have worked for in the last years: names, email, phone numbers and addresses.

They will call and send emails to inquire about their experience with you. You will also ask them to suggest how you can serve them better. The answers you will get will not only improve your customer service but would also be applicable in relating with other clients.

You should also make sure that their comments and observations are not just captured but made available to them as well as other customers to read. The feedback can be so useful that it may help to get another job from the same client. It is a very good tool for prospecting new clients and it will also help you to find and repair anything that may have gone wrong previously.

Your team can also use the process of interaction with customers to market or sell some of your new projects and services to them.

The team should also visit the client’s office to get their feedback directly by giving them a feedback form to fill and get all the details you need.

The feedback form should have questions such as:

Were we on time in delivery the project? How was our customer service during and after the project? Were we returning your calls/sms promptly? Were we returning your emails? Will you like to recommend us? How best would you like us to serve you better? How were the project personnel? Were they friendly? Do you like what we have given you? Was it up to the standard we promised? Did we under or over deliver? Are you enjoying our product or service?

If you continue to imbibe the above model questions to your business, you can be rest assured that you are on your way to becoming a feedback oriented company.

Send project feedback forms to clients

The next possible thing to do is to send project feedback forms to clients immediately a project has been completed. The form containing the questions above will help you to get useful information from the client and to determine whether he/she was satisfied or not.

What do you do with the feedback received?

The information gathered from the feedback system is compiled and reviewed and the staff that clients appraised positively the most is rewarded. He/She becomes a model for your feedback team.
What you do with the feedback will also be a determining factor to your success in business. The feedback can be built into a KPI (Key Performance Indicators) which is a scoring parameter of an employee’s performance at the end of the year.

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