How to Grow your Travel Business Fast With Proven Marketing Ideas

By | June 27, 18
Grow a travel business

You can quickly grow your travel business by applying certain marketing ideas.

How to Grow your Travel Business Fast With Proven Marketing Ideas

Want to learn how best to grow your travel business? This post provides some of the best actionable marketing ideas you can apply immediately to quickly take your business to a higher level.

Running a business is not a walk in the park; it comes with a lot of effort, good thinking, and execution.

Regardless of the type of business you run, no business is immune from the challenges that come with growth, now use these marketing tips in growing your small travel business:

Top 9 Ways to Grow a Travel Business

1. Find a travel niche

What niche is your business playing in? It is much easier to grow your travel business when you are known for a particular niche.

By niche, you sell something no one else is selling or you sell it differently; you can build a new market by selling to a different demography, or selling a unique destination or creating a mix of services/experiences.

It is not enough to claim you play in a niche, you must be perceived as such. Your niche helps you to provide uniqueness, depth and detail in your services.

2. Online booking integration

You should have a strong web presence online if you want to grow your traveling business. This is made possible by your website and social media platforms.

Your website performs a number of functions. First, it represents your brand online, and with a well optimized website, you are easily discoverable by search engines, as a result more people get to see your business.

Apart from having a search engine optimized website, it is smart to integrate online booking functionality on it.

When this is in place, a client will be able to book for your services and pay on the spot (by tapping few keys on their mobile device)

3. Create a unique offer

Why should people take your offer as opposed to others presented by your competitors? By offering a unique traveling package that people find attractive and are willing to pay for.

Your package can be a mix of popular places to visit, including unique leisure activities or it could be a visit to remote yet exotic places.

Whatever offer you settle for should be unique and desirable to your prospects.

4. Engage on social media

Social media platforms are now part of us and they are here to stay. There are more than 2 billion people on Facebook, not to mention WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram and others.

Most people are on social media, and some of them are your prospects waiting to learn more about your business.

You should aim for a strong presence online and before you know it a good chunk of your first time customers will come from social media with time.

5. Create a referral program

Some businesses thrive and do better than their competitors because of a strong referral base. There are two types of referrals system: the one that happens naturally and the one that is initiated.

As a traveling business owner/manager, you should enjoy the benefits from both sources. Referrals happen naturally when customers are delighted by your service and can’t help but tell everyone about you.

Others can jump on the referral bandwagon with a little prodding from you. This is where a referral program that you created will come handy.

You should offer an incentive to drive the referral program you created.

6. Financing options

Many people would like to travel to choice destinations promoted offline and online if the payment options that best suit them is made available.

You can attract more clients for your travel business, if you provide different financing options for that purchase. People can be encouraged to save up for a trip or pay by installments.

7. Blogging

A blog helps you to stay fresh in the minds of your prospects and customers. By posting relevant and timely information about your business activities, you will remain top in their minds.

You can blog about recent places visited by your clients and share testimonials alongside your post.

By putting out eye-popping pictures and videos with interesting content to go with them, you definitely will endear many prospects to your brand; many will be willing to try your services as a result.

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8. Networking

Another way you can grow your travel business is by networking with companies that can use your service as a reward for their best employees.

Many companies do host training and conferences in choice destinations. You can court the business and partnership of such companies by providing incentives that most will find hard to resist.

Additionally, you should work with wedding/event planners; you can be the referred business to take newly wedded couples for a nice trip on honeymoon.

9. Offer special discounts and free trip

You can offer special discounts and create a contest for a free trip to a choice destination. The contest should be designed in such a way that the buzz (mass attention and reach) from it will more than compensate for the free trip offered.

Apart from the free trip, you should present mouthwatering discount on special days and occasions. The festive season and holidays are good times to attract new clients.

Plan a concrete marketing campaign around those seasons and holidays.


If you are looking to grow your small travel business, the marketing ideas presented in this post are sure to help you achieve the goal. Get to work and start implementing them.