Tajudeen Adepetu’s Keys To Success

By | January 14, 09

Tajudeen Adepetu’s Keys To Success

Speaking directly at an interview I had with him, here are Tajudeen Adepetu’s Keys to success:

Keys to success: Tajudeen Adepetu

Tajudeen’s First Key To Success: Define What You Want To Do And Be Focused On It

First and foremost, a vital key to success is defining what it is you want to do. I want to be a broadcaster, how do I get to be a broadcaster? You need to start with a very good education, mentors, focus, and a definition of a process to becoming a broadcaster. This means that nothing happens by chance.

You need to have a plan in place to reach your goal, and be focused on work out the plan daily.

Tajudeen’s Second Key To Success: Allocate Appropriate Time For The Realization Of Your Goal

You have to allocate appropriate time to see your goal accomplished. But that does not mean you shouldn’t have fun, because not having fun may be detrimental to achieving your goal. Having fun relaxes you, and opens your mind to the better possibilities that are available in your chosen career.

If your mind is clouded with worries or other distractions, and someone tells you to go from A to B and you will pick the money of your life, you will probably not see the “to” between A and B, and so will get confused and miss it.

Your mind is a very important tool to your success and needs to be free to generate quality ideas.

Tajudeen’s Third Key To Success: Discuss Your Idea With Somebody Knowledgeable

Don’t allow the fear that people will steal your idea stop you from discussing it with someone or people that are more knowledgeable than you in that area. This person or people can point out very critical pit falls of your idea that you may not have seen, such as in your financial projection. They can give you sound ideas on how to raise funds, how to approach banks, suppliers, etc., and do other things that may save you lots of money.

Don’t ever start a project without discussing it first with someone who knows it better than you do, as far as I’m concerned there is no idea under the sun that is new, that you are so much afraid someone would steal yours.

Tajudeen’s Fourth Key To Success: Research Is Important

You have to keep reading, go on to the Internet to research and know what is happening around the world about what you are doing.

Tajudeen’s Fifth Key To Success: Prepare For Challenges

The challenges we face on a daily basis in running our business are enormous. But if you have a purpose in life and focus, you will even come to enjoy challenges because you will see them as necessary evil to overcome to get to your goal.

I like to prepare for challenges before setting out on a project. I do what I call War Game, and it is like this for me: I want to produce a bottle of water, I ask myself “what are the possible things that could happen to prevent me from reaching that goal?” I put everything in prosper perspective.

Therefore, I’m ready for the challenges and I will be able to deal with them when they come up. This has really helped us to move ahead, because since we prepare for problems before hand, we are able to fix them when they show up.

It is erroneous to think you will not face challenges. Your trusted aids or highly qualified staff that you trained may decide to leave as is very common in our industry where we have huge need for qualified hands, and lots of poaching; the guy that is to write the next script may not show up, and you find yourself the one to complete it in a state of tiredness.

Another serious challenge that you may have to grapple with is how you manage your time with your family. No matter how successful you are in business, if you lose out on the home front, then you lose everything.

It is practically impossible that you won’t have challenges on your way to success. The most successful people in business are those who first think of the possible challenging huddles, situating them properly, and looking for possible ways of dealing with them.

Tajudeen’s Sixth Key To Success: Have Passion For What You Do

You must have passion for what you do. Without it, you cannot get anywhere or anything you desire. With passion you will have the motivation to overcome challenges and get to the top of your industry.

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